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Chapter 2870: There Must Be Some Misunderstanding

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Good people were almost nonexistent in this circle.

Everyone came together for the benefits, calculating against the partners family.

All while having fun outside and having a few side families.

Hence, Sun Jingfei felt it was better to be with He Zhengbai.

At least he was rather handsome.

As long as he was willing to act in front of her, it was rather pleasing to the eye to watch it every day.

Moreover, shes the one knowing all of He Zhengbais cards, but He Zhengbai didnt know hers.

After some time of dating, she already saw through He Zhengbai as a fool who thinks himself clever.

Such people were the easiest to deal with.

As long as she knew what kind of person He Zhengbai was from the start and had her precautions against him, all was fine.

And she was extremely pleased with the fact that He Zhengbai was st*pid enough.

After marrying He Zhengbai, if he was willing to continue acting, then shed accompany him.

Seeing his face was enough to satisfy each others biological needs.

If He Zhengbai dared to reveal his true colors, Sun Jingfei had no shortage of suitors outside.

And with the Sun family behind her, shes got nothing to be afraid of even if He Zhengbai found out.

Apparently, the He family had caused some major troubles for the Lu family before.

Lu Qiyuan entering jail was inescapable after Mo Jingcheng handled the issue.

But Lu Qiyuan could have struggled for slightly longer had they not been tricked by the He family and suffered major financial loss.

Sun Jingfei sneered in her heart.

This He family schemed everything, and now they even had their eyes on the Sun family.

They didnt even consider whether or not the He family had the ability to play such schemes with the Sun family.

Furthermore, her parents had had plans since long ago.

They knew what the He family really was like, so they were planning to lay a trap for them too.

Both parties harbored their own selfish desires and even had the exact same plans.

The He family thought Sun Jingfei was naive and that they had managed to deceive her.

Yet they were actually walking into her trap.

Hearing Lu Qis words, how could Sun Jingfei withstand being labeled as the “third party”

Though shed known about Lu Qi and He Zhengbai since long ago, she was playing the unknowing party, and so she had to portray herself as innocent now.

“Miss Lu, if you have proof, just take them out.

Simply talking without evidence wont make me believe you.

I dont know anything, How did I become the third party” Sun Jingfei pasted an innocent facade.

“I believe there must be some misunderstanding here.

“Seeing how furious you are, maybe theres something I really didnt know, But I cant let you insult me like this.” Sun Jingfei spoke gently, but her words were with conviction.

Such a gentle but strong image was extremely likable.

And with Lu Qi at the side appearing like a crazy lady, it underscored Sun Jingfeis gracefulness and elegance.

Delicate and gentle like a small white flower, able to let many men become protective of her.

Didnt Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi use the same tactic to gain their positions back then

Lu Qi successfully seducing He Zhengbai with this move meant that He Zhengbai liked this tactic.

Now, Sun Jingfeis act instantly made Lu Qi look even worse as a crazy lady.

Especially with how Sun Jingfei appeared gentle but firm, unwilling to let others ridicule her.

He Zhengbai watched, and for a moment, he saw a glimpse of Lu Mans poise in there.


Instantly, his view of Sun Jingfei changed, becoming even more passionate than before.

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