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Chapter 2838: I Am Also a Man with Family

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All of a sudden, Manager Luo broke out in a cold sweat.

He put down his arm immediately and stuck his chest out, standing straight.

“What did you see” Han Zhuoling moved his ring finger, which the ring was on.

This hint was too obvious.

Manager Luo paused and said, “R… ring”

Han Zhuoling moved his ring finger again and Manager Luo saw the diamond on the ring twinkle under the sunlight.

It was so shiny.

Then he heard Han Zhuoling say, “This is a wedding ring.”


Manager Luo blinked a few times innocently.

He knew.

Suddenly, Manager Luo had a bad feeling and wanted to leave.

He did not want to face these two brothers who were married.

It was too terrifying!

“This is a wedding ring.” Han Zhuoling raised his chin.

“I have only been married for a month and the honeymoon phase is not over yet.”

Manager Luo had no words.

“Besides, now I am also a man with family,” said Han Zhuoling.

Manager Luo had no words.


‘Who was not a man with family

“Aman with family has to leave work on time.” Han Zhuoling placed his left hand on the desk and extended it forward.

He probably felt that the position just now was not obvious enough and could not be seen clearly.

Thus, he kindly extended his hand to the side of the table so that Manager Luo could see it clearly.

“Hurry up and give my younger brother his work.

Dont delay me from finishing my work so I can go back and be with my wife.” Han Zhuolings face was full of pride as he sat straight up.

Manager Luo had no words.

‘Who was not a man with family Usually, when they worked overtime, did they say anything

Manager Luo felt exhausted.

Hed wanted to escape Han Zhuoli, so he would rather face the pressure of Han Zhuolings cold expression.

Unexpectedly, after escaping Han Zhuolis boasting, he was shown a cold face by Han Zhuoling, and in the end, he still could not escape Han Zhuoli.

With his head down and wearing a gloomy expression, Manager Luo took the document and still ended up having to face Han Zhuoli.

“Alright, I will go to the CEO,” said poor Manager Luo.

Just as he was about to leave, Han Zhuolings phone on the desk rang.

Manager Luo took a glance and, coincidentally, it was Han Zhuolis name on the screen.

Han Zhuoling picked it up and said, “What is it”

“Brother, want to eat lunch together at noon” said Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoling wanted to ask why Han Zhuoli would invite him for a meal all of a sudden today.

Lu Man had been following Han Zhuoli to the office for a few days and Han Zhuoli had never invited him for a meal during that time.

“Why do you want to eat together” asked Han Zhuoling.

He could not see that on the other side of the phone, Han Zhuoli was caressing Lu Mans stomach, which was still flat, with a satisfied expression.

“Today is the first day of announcing Man Mans pregnancy, so I want to have a meal to celebrate.”

Han Zhuoling was speechless.



He knew what Han Zhuoli was thinking.

He said celebration, but he just wanted to show off.

Han Zhuoli was powerful enough to show off to his own older brother now.


Han Zhuoling felt that he was also a newlywed, and like Han Zhuoli, he also had good news, so why would he be afraid

Besides, Shi Xiaoyas pregnancy was just a matter of time.

“Fine.” Han Zhuoling nodded, not afraid at all.

“Itll be my treat this noon to celebrate this good news.”

Han Zhuoli was not going to hold back on Han Zhuoling, After hearing this, he immediately said, “Then as you know, Man Man is pregnant now, so she cant eat many things.”

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