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Chapter 2834: He Really Wanted to Cry for This Heartless Superior to See Now

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‘With Han Zhuolis order, nobody dared to delay any further.

They even sped up their talking speed.

After everyone finished, they thought that if they worked harder, they could even work as hosts.

Everyone thought that the meeting was about to end.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoli cleared his throat and asked, “Among everyone here, who has the experience of taking care of pregnant women”

Everyone was speechless.

Most people here were already middle-aged.

Their kids were in senior high or almost in university.

Their youngest children were at least in junior high.

The rest of them who were younger were either unmarried or had just gotten married and were busy with their career, having no plans for pregnancy.

It had been so many years for those who had kids.

They had long forgotten what it was like when their wives were pregnant.

And those who had younger kids would ask someone else to take care of them because they wanted to succeed in their careers.

‘They did not have the experience of taking care of pregnant women themselves.

So now, they could not answer Han Zhuoli.

“You guys dont have any experience” asked Han Zhuoli.

Everyone was so pressured by Han Zhuoli that they all focused their gaze on Han Zhuoling.

Control your brother!

The older Young Master Han thought that there was no point controlling him.

He was also frustrated.

“Nothing,” said Han Zhuoli heartlessly.

“Its just that Lu Man was curious whether a thoughtful person like you have a girlfriend.

She said that your girlfriend must be really happy.”

When Zheng Tianming heard this, he took this chance to say, “CEO, I dont have a girlfriend.

Do you want to introduce someone”

Zheng Tianming hit his chest and promised, “I promise I am not bad.”

Han Zhuoli chuckled coldly.

Zheng Tianming was already considerate to Lu Man, stealing Han Zhuolis chance to be considerate to her, and now Zheng Tianming was even asking him to introduce a girlfriend to him

If he had the skill to introduce girlfriends to people at will, would he have been single for so many years

What a joke!

“Lonly have eyes for Lu Man and only her,” said Han Zhuoli righteously.

“Introduce girlfriends Dont have any.”

Zheng Tianming was speechless.

Then why would he ask him

Was it for fun

“Lu Man was curious so I asked.

Dont think too much,” said Han Zhuoli.

Zheng Tianming was speechless.


He really wanted to cry for this heartless superior to see now.

Han Zhuoli proudly walked straight up with big steps towards the office..

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