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Chapter 2829: The Basic Requirements as an Assistant

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Han Zhuolis thought was that the Han Family had a lot of sons.

‘There were Han Zhuoling, him, and Han Zhuofeng.

So even if an heir was needed, he would not feel pressured.

There were two other sons.

And given the tradition of the Han Family always giving birth to sons, there was definitely no need to worry about this.

The one thing to be concerned about was that no daughter would be born in his lifetime.

Among the three brothers, if a daughter was born, she would definitely be the Han Familys treasured baby.

She would definitely be spoiled.

So it was not important to give birth to a son.

Giving birth to a daughter would be a win.

If Han Zhuoli had to pick one, he wanted a daughter more.

“Isnt it almost time to go to the office” Lu Man reminded him.

Lu Man was reminding him to not forget about work.

But to Han Zhuoli, it was time to go to the office to receive everyones congratulations.

So he put Lu Man back onto the front passenger seat.

Unexpectedly, he did not leave immediately.

Before Lu Mans confused gaze, Han Zhuoli called the number of the manager of the Han Corporations publicity department.

“CEO.” Manager Zhang from the publicity department was not expecting Han Zhuoli to call him, so he picked up immediately.

His hand holding the phone was a little shaky.

Usually, if there was anything, the message would be passed on by Zheng Tianming.

It was very rare for Han Zhuoli to contact people directly.

Especially the publicity department, which had never been contacted directly by Han Zhuoli himself.

“Have you seen your Weibo” asked Han Zhuoli.

“Ah” Manager Zhang froze.

He was busy with work.

How could he have time to go on Weibo

If he said that he had seen it and Han Zhuoli reprimanded him for going online while working, what would he do

Besides, he was not from the Public Relations Department.

If there were any issues with the public opinion online, he would not find them.

After Manager Zhang thought this, he said, “CEO, I have been working and did not have time to go online.”

“This is outrageous!” Han Zhuoli was furious!

He had finally waited until now to happily announce the good news of Lu Mans pregnancy.

How could this Manager Zhang not go online!

“Go and look at what Lu Man and I have posted on Weibo, then get the person in charge of the company account to share it,” ordered Han Zhuoli with a moody expression.

This manager from the publicity department was no good!

How could he not have a keen sense for news

How, then, could he publicize the new products of the Han Corporation

Manager Zhang froze.

He just wanted to show his diligence.

He did not expect it not to work.

“Yes, yes,” answered Manager Zhang immediately.

After he hung up, he took a look instantly.

‘When he saw it, he knew why Han Zhuoli was unhappy.

Manager Zhang did not dare to delay any further and asked the employees in his department who were in charge of the Han Corporations public account to share the post and to also send the most heartfelt blessings!

Han Zhuoli found out that Manager Zhang had not seen his Weibo post because of work, so he contacted Zheng Tianming unhappily.

“Have you seen your Weibo” asked Han Zhuoli.

It was no wonder that Zheng Tianming was Han Zhuolis capable assistant.

“Ive seen it and I have shared it already.

CEO, congratulations! Please pass my congratulations to Lu Man.

Lu Man has been following you to the office, but I didnt expect it to be because of her pregnancy.

Does Mrs.

CEO want

anything to eat I will ask someone to buy them now.”

Han Zhuoli felt good after hearing this.

It was no wonder that he loved to depend on Zheng Tianming throughout all these years.

Look at this.

These were the basic requirements as an assistant..

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