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Chapter 2826: A Non-family Member Should Not Enter the Same House

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“Wedding candies” Old Mr.

Han did not think of this.

“Why give wedding candies for this This is not a weddin|

“Its joyful news too anyway,” said Old Mrs.


“Theres no need for wedding candies.

Our house doesnt have any,” said Old Mr.


“When Man Man gives birth, we will send every house a red egg.”

Old Mrs.

Han also agreed after pondering.

The firecrackers were leftovers from Han Zhuolis and Lu Mans wedding, so there were some.

But there were no leftover wedding candies.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had gotten their marriage certificate, but they had not started arranging their wedding, so there was none in the house.

There were no children in their house, so they did not prepare anything for the kids to snack on.

There were definitely no candies.

Old people did not like to eat food that was too sweet, and as for Han Zhuoli and the others, they did not like to eat sweet food either.

So Old Mrs.

Han could only give up on the idea of giving out wedding candies.

She asked Butler Wang to hang the firecrackers at the gate outside.

Old Mr.

Han, Old Mrs.

Han, and Auntie Sun immediately covered their ears.

After Butler Wang lit the firecrackers, he ran away rapidly.

The noise of firecrackers could be heard even with ears covered.

It was only eight oclock.

Old Mrs.

Han had calculated the time accurately to get Butler Wang to light the firecrackers.

The neighbors were all awake.

At this time, those who left later were eating breakfast at home.

Those who left earlier were already out of the house, preparing to get in the car.

All of a sudden, they heard the sound of firecrackers, and they jumped.

“Which house has joyful news”

“I didnt hear anything about it, and I didnt see anyone sticking happiness stickers.”

“The most recent was the wedding of Han Zhuoli from the Han Family, but that was some time ago.”

With this curiosity, everyone came following the sound.

Even though the firecrackers finished cracking, the ground was full of firecracker debris.

Auntie Sun took out a wireless vacuum machine and sucked away all the broken pieces of paper.

But everyone saw that and knew that they were at the correct place.

It was indeed the house of the Han Family!

It was only Old Mrs.

Han from the Han Family who was stupid every day!

If there was any noise around, it was definitely from their house.

“Madam, what happened Your family… has good news” asked a president who was in the same generation as Han Xijin.

Old Mrs.

Han was overjoyed.

Seeing that there were quite a lot of people, she said, “Its my granddaughter-in-law, Lu Man.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

We know.” Everyone nodded immediately.

Everyone surfed the web.

Lu Man was very low-key nowadays, as if she was practicing self-cultivation.

But the constantly repeating drama online back then felt like yesterday.

Her stepfather was Wang Juhuai.

Even if she had nothing and had married into the family without any wealth from her own family, with Lu Mans skills, she was able to fight on par with the daughters of those rich families.

After all, although they had their own skills, most of them depended on their families being behind them.

But Lu Mans skill was creating family properties from nothing.

“Give a mana fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” was exactly this.

The benefits that a marriage between families brought were immediate.

However, with a girl who had so much capability like Lu Man, the benefits she brought to the family were long-lived.

‘Whether it was good or bad was unsure.

It depended on the choice of each family.

But marrying Lu Man would never be a loss.

Now, it seemed that Lu Man did not lack anything that the daughters of the rich families had.

They all had their own strengths.

Besides, everyone felt that a non-family member should not enter the same house..

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