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Chapter 2817: True Ignorance

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“My tiny request wont stop you from divorcing me.

Weve been together for so long, you cant even agree to this

“If you let me finish shooting this project, at least Id have the power to continue in this industry.

I can think of ways to keep myself alive and will not disturb you.”

“Youd dare to disturb me” He Zhengbai sneered.

“If you dare to come, arent you scared that your photos will be posted”

“What do you mean! Youre going to keep using these photos as leverage” said Lu Qi angrily.

“I already agreed to divorce you.”

“As long as were not officially divorced, I will not trust you,” said He Zhengbai coldly.

“Lets wait until we get a divorce certificate.”

Lu Qi gritted her teeth without saying anything.

He Zhengbai continued, “Also, after we divorce, keep your mouth shut.

If I hear any news about us being married before, I will not forgive you!”

Lu Qi looked at the man in front of her.

He was in love with her in the past, but now, he was unwilling to admit that he was married to her before.

It was like being married to her made him feel shameful.

However, Lu Qi did not have any feelings for He Zhengbai anymore.

Her tone was calm.

“I will, I promise.”

He Zhengbai got up and the assistant let go of her.

The two left Lu Qis room.

He Zhengbai did not even look at her another time.

Lu Qiyuan had been taken away by the police and it was not going so well for him.

According to the news he had gotten, Lu Qiyuan was a goner this time.

He was able to maintain the marriage with Lu Qi because of Lu Qiyuan.

No matter what, Lu Qi was Lu Qiyuans daughter.

After Lu Man and Lu Qiyuan completely fell out, Lu Qi was like Lu Qiyuans only daughter.

If something really happened to Lu Qi, how could Lu Qiyuan not care

So Lu Qi was still a little useful to the He family.

But now that Lu Qiyuan was finished, the last of Lu Qis usefulness was gone.

He did not have to maintain their marriage.

At first, He Zhengbai was afraid that Lu Qi would talk groundlessly outside.

But now, Lu Qi had dug her own grave and he had a hold over her.

It would be senseless for He Zhengbai not to use it.

However, the good mood that he had from breaking free was gone now.

Because his crotch was in pain.

Lu Qi was there just now, so he did not show it.

But even though it was not as painful as at the start, he still did not feel good.

He Zhengbai was scared that he would have some sort of chronic injury from that kick, so his expression was awful.

After Lu Qi sent He Zhengbai away, she closed the door and took out her phone.

At this time, the only person she could think of was Lu Qiyuan.

Obviously, she could not just be strung along by He Zhengbai.

‘Whatever He Zhengbai said, she had to obey.

If that was so, He Zhengbai would only keep on benefiting while she would suffer more and more.

Lu Qi called Lu Qiyuans number.

However, it said that his phone was turned off.

Lu Qi thought that Lu Qiyuan did not want to pick up her call.

She did not even know that it was not that Lu Qiyuan did not want to, its that he could not do it.


Lu Man did not know that though Lu Qi and He Zhengbai had just gotten married recently, they already wanted to divorce.

She had not paid attention to these two people for very long.

‘That was because she had forgotten about these two people.

Perhaps this was the real ignorance..

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