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Chapter 2816: Why Do You Make It Sound So Nice

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Hearing He Zhengbais words, her expression changed.

“He Zhengbai, you have no conscience!”

“Heh.” He Zhengbai did not care at all and gave her two light pats on her cheek.

Although they were very light, these actions were mocking.

“So are you going to agree to a divorce” asked He Zhengbai.

Lu Qi lowered her eyes.

There was no telling what she thought of.

‘When she looked at He Zhengbai again, she became very calm.

“Okay, I agree.

But I have a condition.”

“You still want to talk to me about conditions” He Zhengbai was so angry that he laughed.

He pointed at the photos on the phone.

“With this, you still want to talk to me about conditions”

Lu Qi gritted her teeth.

“My pictures are in your hands, so I definitely wont be reckless.”

He Zhengbai waited quietly for Lu Qi to continue.

Lu Qi said, “But I am still shooting a show.

This was earned by me with a lot of effort.”

He Zhengbai sneered.

“Why do you make it sound so nice Didnt you just sleep with a lot of people diligently After sleeping with so many people, you could only get the role of a small side character.”

Lu Qis face was red from anger.

But her face was already red from the swelling, so nobody could see.

If this was in the past, she would not even have wanted a role like that.

She would not even have wanted to be a supporting female.

The moment she debuted, she was the female lead.

She was also not afraid to leave without giving importance to the project.

She was even in three films at the same time.

The directors were not happy

‘The production crew had complaints

They had to hold it in.

She was famous!

After shooting for a few days, she would need to fly to the event location to attend her advertising endorsements.

She was busy.

She had a lot of glory.

No matter how dissatisfied the production crew was, they had to keep it in.

She did not care how the film was doing and did not worry that she would lose the role if she was not on the production set for two to three days.

Nobody could fight with her!

That time, she was that glorious.

But now, she did not dare to leave the production crew for a low-tier role.

After thinking about the contrast, Lu Qi even felt pity for herself.


Anyway, its not easy to finally get this role.

Even if this character is a nobody, I dont dare to just leave.

You dont need to mock me,” said Lu Qi coldly.

Her position was different from the past.

In the past, she would not have been able to accept this reality.

However, after Xia Qingyang entered jail, Lu Qiyuan ignored her, and the marriage with He Zhengbai died, she had to face this reality.

There were a few times late at night when Lu Qi was drunk at home alone and could not stop thinking about the glory of the past.

The more she missed the glory of the past, the more she could not face the abjection now.

Back then, she had everything she wanted; she was a winner in life.

Tons of people were jealous of her, saying they wanted her life.

‘They were jealous that she was born into a rich family and could enter the acting industry smoothly without any obstacles.

From career to love life, it was smooth and easy.

However, how did she fall into this state step by step

Her mother was in jail and her father was like an enemy.

She even had to sleep with an unpopular director to get a low-tier role.

Her marriage was basically non-existent.

Her husband was threatening her for a divorce with the pictures of her and other men in bed.

She had no career.

And no love.

She did not have the family that had always made people jealous.

At this moment, Lu Qi wanted to cry her heart out.

“Lam just a small character, so I will be done very quickly,” said Lu Qi..

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