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Chapter 2812: How Dare You Hit My Face

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But they just got into trouble a while ago.

Lu Qi thought, was the director not

scared that someone would take pictures if he came again

He definitely would not want to do that.

If there was anything, it would be the same to contact her through her phone.

Lu Qi was confused as she went to the door.

There was no peephole on the hotel room door, so Lu Qi could only open the


Unexpectedly, at the door stood He Zhengbai!

“You” Lu Qi was shocked.

Before she could even finish speaking, He Zhengbai

pushed the door open.

Even Lu Qi almost fell from the strong push.

She stumbled back a few steps before her feet were blocked by the bed and she

fell on it.

She saw He Zhengbais gloomy look.

At that moment, Lu Qi found out that behind He Zhengbai wasa young man.

He looked a little familiar.

Back in the room of that director, it was in shock that Lu Qi saw He Zhengbais


He Zhengbais assistant was holding his phone, and the angle at which he held

it blocked most of his face.

In addition, everything happened too quickly; Lu Qi was in fear and panic, so

she did not have time to notice the looks of He Zhengbais assistant.

So right now, even after less than half an hour, when the assistant reappeared

in front of Lu Qi, Lu Qi could not recognize him.

“What are you doing” Lu Qi stood up.

Seeing that He Zhengbai was being aggressive, she knew that he did not have

any good intentions.

Lu Qi also put up her guard.

He Zhengbai sneered, raised his hand, and slapped Lu Qi.

Poor Lu Qi had just stood up and walked two steps towards He Zhengbai, so she

was not close to the bedside.

She was slapped by He Zhengbai and fell backward, hitting her forehead on the


Luckily, the huge bed of the hotel was wrapped nicely and on top was a thick


Lu Qi was not knocked out, but she was in pain.

Her head was spinning.

Lu Qi got up hurriedly while holding her burning cheek that was just slapped.

“He Zhengbai!

Her glare was sharp.

How was she supposed to act tomorrow after getting hit

by He Zhengbai!

“Are you even a man You hit me!” said Lu Qi angrily.

“Bitch” scolded He Zhengbai, pointing at her.

The assistant went to the door and closed it, stopping anybody from snooping

after hearing the noise.

“What did you say” screamed Lu Qi.

“You came here at night and went mad,

and you still have the audacity to talk about me I still have to act tomorrow.

How dare you hit my face

“Act You still want to act I tell you, dont even dream of becoming famous

your whole life! I wont let you act in this show!” He Zhengbai stepped forward

and grabbed Lu Qis long hair.

He planted another slap on her other cheek, which was not swollen yet.

But this time, He Zhengbai grabbed Lu Qjs hair.

So when Lu Qi went down, because He Zhengbai was holding her hair, she did

not completely fall down.

She just felt a pain as if her scalp was going to be lifted and her hair was going

to be pulled out.

Then, He Zhengbai grabbed her hair and threw her back.

Lu Qi had learned the bold and vigorous character of Xia Qingyang.

She was not

the type to not fight back and let others scold her.

She lowered her head as she screamed in agony.

Seeing that He Zhengbai had thought that he had completely tamed her,

making her unable to fight back, she suddenly raised her leg and kicked

fiercely below He Zhengbais stomach.

He Zhengbai wailed and let go of Lu Qjs hair.

He bent his back and held the

area of pain below his stomach as he crashed on the floor.

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