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Chapter 2806: Escaped Secretly

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“Because if Lu Qiyuan was really as powerful as you said, then wouldnt he have erased the evidence Thats why I didnt dare to expect too much.

I was afraid that the disappointment would be even greater.

I thought that if your brother cant get out, at least youre alright.

As long as you dont have any more connections with Lu Qiyuan, we can have a good life as a family.

When your brother is out, we can start fresh.

“I didnt expect… didnt expect that it really…” Mr.

Jiangs tears could not stop flowing out.


Jiang was also surprised and said, “How can it be so quick Your friend must be so powerful if theres a result in such a short time.

Does this mean your older brother is coming out soon too”

Jiang Yujie said immediately, “There isnt necessarily a result immediately, but at least they have taken away Lu Qiyuan to be investigated in such a short time, meaning that they see this case as something important.

Besides, this evidence is in the hands of someone very important.

There wont be a problem.

“However, even if theyre investigating, they will need some time.

Lu Qiyuan is just under investigation, hes not being locked up, so as long as hes not out of bounds, there isnt much limit on his freedom.

We still have to be careful.”

Jiang Yujie said, “However, this is already good news.

It means that this thing has attracted some attention.

Its just a matter of time before my older brother comes out.”


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang were so excited that they could not control themselves.

Without Jiang Yujie reminding them again, Mr.

Jiang said to Mrs.

Jiang, “Now we can see hope, but we cant just let our guard down.

It may cause us to fall short.

Its at this time that we have to be more cautious to avoid Lu Qiyuan from being desperate and doing something, hence influencing the progress of the case.”


Jiang continued, “The worst case is that the plan to regain Huaizhous innocence and release him fails.

Then what do we do”


Jiang nodded seriously.


Before we have a final result, we have to hide.”

Jiang Yujie heaved a sigh of relief.

Seeing that both of them were so cautious and did not let their guard down because of this, she was relieved.

Lu Qiyuan found his lawyer.

Lu Man knew the whole process and would keep updating Jiang Yujie.

The lawyer wanted to bail Lu Qiyuan out.

However, the evidence that the police possessed was already enough.

There were just the final appealing and judging left.

So Lu Qiyuan was not bailed out in the end.

This made Jiang Yujie relieved.

Lu Qiyuan had lost his freedom now.

He was overwhelmed, so he should not have the energy to look for them.

Jiang Yujie kept reminding Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang to not go out during this time.

However, she still felt insecure, thinking that even so, they would be found by Lu Qiyuans people one day.

Currently, Lu Qiyuan was in custody.

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At first, he still thought that Jiang Yujie would come to visit him and think of a way to save him.

But as he waited, it was like Jiang Yujie had disappeared.

Lu Qiyuan asked his lawyer to contact Jiang Yujie, but the lawyer said that she could not be contacted.

He could not go through the number that Lu Qiyuan gave him.

At this time, how could Lu Qiyuan not know that Jiang Yujie had already escaped

He even suspected that the evidence had been given by Jiang Yujie.

Because other than her, there was nobody around him that he was close to.

But Lu Qiyuan still hoped that it was not Jiang Yujie.

Perhaps Jiang Yujie was just afraid to be investigated by the police, so she escaped secretly.

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