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Chapter 2805: This Was So Long Ago

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So, Lu Qiyuan was getting more complacent.

Even if he had other women outside, he could make Jiang Yujie obedient, afraid to fight with him.

With Jiang Yujie as a comparison, Lu Qiyuan felt that he must find a woman like Jiang Yujie, who was easy to control and was gentle.

He wanted to marry Jiang Yujie because other than the fact that she was young and beautiful, she was soft and easy to control.

He could not expect anything from Lu Man and Lu Qi, so he had to marry Jiang Yujie to have a son.

Lu Qiyuan was planning this while preparing to head out.

He was already at the door and was just about to open it when the doorbell rang.

Who would it be at this time

Jiang Yujie had the key so it definitely was not her.

Lu Qiyuan opened the door.

Unexpectedly, at the door stood two policemen.

After showing him their IDs, the two policemen explained themselves, “Someone has submitted evidence, claiming that you are related to the bidding bribery case of Minghu Corporation.

Please help us with our investigation.”

Lu Qiyuan was shocked and immediately restrained his expression.

He frowned and seemed as though he was annoyed.

“This was so long ago.

How am I involved again”

“Please help us with our investigation.

If there is nothing, then it will naturally have nothing to do with you,” said the police.

Lu Qiyuans face darkened.

He had no choice but to follow.

“I want to contact my lawyer.”

“Please suit yourself,” said the police.

Seeing that they were confident, Lu Qiyuan had a bad feeling.

Lu Qiyuan could not understand; even if someone submitted evidence, it needed to be checked.

So when was this evidence submitted

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And what evidence was it

As Lu Qiyuan was thinking, suddenly, his heart dropped.

Could it be… could it be the ones that he hid

However, nobody could get those documents other than him!

Lu Qiyuans expression kept changing as he hoped that it was just a false alarm.

He could not comprehend why something that was so long ago had emerged again.

But he did not know that this evidence had been handed to Mo Jingcheng by Han Zhuoli himself.

Because of Han Zhuoli, Mo Jingcheng naturally had to prioritize this and handle it first.

But another important thing was that this matter was actually a pretty big deal.

If this evidence was real, then back then, they had passed judgment on the wrong person.

They had sent an innocent person to jail.

Back then, that case was not in Mo Jingchengs hands because he was not the assistant director at that time and he was not in the same department.

But now, since it was his responsibility, Mo Jingcheng would not let Jiang Huaizhou suffer injustice and allow Lu Qiyuan to enjoy freedom.

Lu Man told Jiang Yujie about Lu Qiyuan being taken away to be investigated.

“But this case is still under investigation, so he can still be bailed out,” said Lu Man to Jiang Yujie.

“Before there is a result, you guys better not show yourself.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yujie nodded.

“We will be careful.”

She just did not expect Mo Jingcheng to be so quick!

Jiang Yujie thought that it would drag on for months, but she did not expect Lu Qiyuan to be investigated that night.

Jiang Yujie hung up and told the good news to Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.


“Who is your friend who is so powerful” Tears of excitement streamed down Mr.

Jiangs cheeks..

“Yujie, to be honest, when you told me that your friend is very dependable and that you have already submitted the evidence, I was worried.”

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