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Chapter 2802: Delay Him

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“If Lu Qiyuan finds out that we are staying here, although the security officer may not be able to stop him, he can still be stopped for a short while, giving us a chance to escape,” said Jiang Yujie, explaining the reason that she chose this place.

Hearing the terrifying scenario, Mrs.

Jiang froze from fear.

“He… he doesnt care about laws anymore” said Mrs.

Jiang, horrified.

Jiang Yujie did not exaggerate it on purpose; the truth really was so.

Besides, she did not dare to underestimate how shameless Lu Qiyuan could be, nor did she dare to overestimate his standard of humanity.

So even after seeing that Mrs.

Jiang was horrified, Jiang Yujie did not comfort her.

She did not ask Mrs.

Jiang not to worry as well.

Jiang Yujie felt that instead of that, it was better to make Mrs.

Jiang think about it constantly, so she could be more cautious and so nothing would happen to her.

If something were to happen to her because she was careless or because she did not worry, she would regret it afterward.

It was better to be more careful from the start.

“He did many things like this.

Especially when its related to his benefits and freedom, he will go insane.

Its hard to say what he will do,” said Jiang Yujie.


Jiang committed this to heart.

She nodded with a serious expression.

“If so, before Lu Qiyuan is caught, we wont go out.”


Jiang urged Mr.

Jiang, “Lets stay at home and not go out.

Anyway, it wont take long before Lu Qiyuan is caught.

Lets endure it for a while.”


Jiang nodded.

“No matter what, we should stay safe and look at the bigger picture.

Besides, its not hard to just stay at home.”

Both of them had retired and did not need to go to work.

They were just going to stay home for a while.

It was not a big deal.

There was a television and a computer at home, and they could even surf the web using their phones to follow any updates regarding Lu Qiyuan and Jiang Huaizhou.

“What about you” Mrs.

Jiang asked Jiang Yujie.

“What will you do Where will you go”

Jiang Yujie said, “Since I am not returning to Lu Qiyuan, of course I will hide here with you guys.”


Jiang let out a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.

Its better to hide.

We will rather hide than have something to happen to us.”

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“I chose this compound also because there are quite a few convenience stores in this area.

Although they cant be compared to supermarkets, its enough to answer our daily needs.

Its enough for us to buy ingredients and food.

I have to make you guys suffer for this period of time.

You probably wont be able to do anything else.”

“We dont need anything else,” said Mrs.


“As long as our family is safe and in one piece, this is nothing.

Arent you just asking us to hide and not go out When I think about the fact that your brother is coming out soon, I feel that nothing matters anymore.”


Jiang also nodded.

“The fridge is full now.

I bought some groceries beforehand to last us for a few days,” said Jiang Yujie.

After that, Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang unpacked the luggage that they brought.

They did not bring much so they were done in around ten minutes.

Although they were losing their freedom for a while, they were able to make up with Jiang Yujie and stay together as a family without any grievance.

Thus, they were even happier.

That night, when it was almost eight, Jiang Yujie received Lu Qiyuans phone call.

When Mr.

Jiang saw that, he asked, “You didnt change your number What if he harasses you”

“I need to delay him.” Jiang Yujie sighed.

“I need to at least drag it out until tomorrow.

Im not sure if its any use to delay it for one night, but at least I should delay him for as long as possible..”

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