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Chapter 2798: Both of You, I Am Sorry

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If time could be turned back, if she could make another choice, she would definitely save Jiang Huaizhou even if she would lose her fortune.


Jiang shook his head.

Honestly, as a stepmother, Mrs.

Jiang already did well.

He could not ask for more.

Furthermore, back then, as a father, he also did not… did not persist until the end.

“Its not like that,” said Jiang Yujie, shaking her head.

“Back then, even if you tried your best, you could not have saved him.

“Back then… back then, its my fault for saying impulsive things.

That time, Lu Qiyuan had colluded with others to destroy the evidence against himself.

As such, no matter what we could have done back then, it would have been useless.

Even if we lost our possessions, we could not have saved him.

“If our family lost everything and had nothing left, there would not be me, and I wont be able to get near to Lu Qiyuan, not to mention find the evidence and save Big Brother.”

“But you still shouldnt have…” Mr.

Jiang was anxious.

But Jiang Yujie had done it, and it was for Jiang Huaizhou.

If Mr.

Jiang still said something bad, he would be cruel.

“I promised you mom that I will treat you like my own daughter, but now, you had to hurt yourself to…” Mr.

Jiang, who was a strong man, had tears flowing out from his bloodshot eyes.

He slapped himself again.

“Its because I am useless, causing you to sacrifice yourself.

I even… I even scolded you before,” said Mr.

Jiang, crying.

“Youre right.

What you said before was right.

I didnt believe Huaizhou at first, then I didnt believe you.

You are both my children, I should know you two best.

“Both of you are not people who would go against your moral values for money, but I didnt believe you, not even one of you.” Mr.

Jiang covered his eyes.

“I am sorry.

Both of you, I am sorry.”

“Dad, dont say that,” said Jiang Yujie.

“Youre already very nice to me.

When Mom and I came here, dont think that I dont remember because I was young.

Actually, I remember everything.

“It was too profound, so I cant forget.

I remember how perturbed I was back then.

Mom told me that I was going to have a dad and I would have a new home.

Actually, I was afraid, because you were a stranger.

I was afraid that you wont like me and wont be good to me.

I was scared that you would accept my mom but not me.

“I was scared… scared that you would think that I was a burden and only accept me because of my mom.

So I was careful.

I was afraid to make mistakes, causing you to dislike me and my mom to be troubled.

I also knew that you have a son who would be my older brother.

I was afraid that he would dislike me.”

Nobody could understand the fear that she had back then.

Even Mrs.

Jiang could not truly empathize.

And she was so young; her fear of the unknown was so great.

Her loneliness hovered around.

“I was afraid that he wont be happy and wont accept me.

In the end, he wont even accept my mom.” Children of single parents were known to mature earlier.

She was one of them.

She was not even five years old back then.

Before the other kids could even think about all these, she already had so many worries.

“I was also afraid… afraid that you would take my mom away.

I was afraid that after she got married, she would not love me because of you.

I was afraid that she would… hurt herself, bearing everything just because she wanted you happy..”

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