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Chapter 2796: Took Things Too Hard

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“If we investigated it in detail, wed see that Lu Qiyuan could never have framed him successfully.

Back then, we found a lawyer too, but my brother was still sent to jail.

What does this tell you It means that there were people who helped Lu Qiyuan.

Either he cleared off the loose ends or he bribed someone.

“Which meant Lu Qiyuan must keep this evidence.

If anything happened, it would be his life-saver.

With that, as long as those who helped him back then do not want to be involved, they have to keep on helping him,” explained Jiang Yujie.


Jiang was silent.

He understood.

“I discovered that if I stayed only as his assistant, I didnt know how long Id have to endure; perhaps even after my brother is out, I still wouldnt have found any evidence.

This is not just a problem of my brothers freedom, its about his reputation.

Even after he is released, he has to live his life with the label of someone who committed a crime and was sent to jail.

“I know that even if I found the evidence and overturned the verdict, there would still be people who wont believe him or misunderstand him.

But at least we would have done it,” said Jiang Yujie.

“And I also want to prove my brothers innocence as soon as possible.

If he can be freed earlier, why must he suffer in jail Hes clearly innocent.”

“So you…” Mr.

Jiangs voice was hoarse, as though his words were stuck in his throat, unable to come out.

Jiang Yujie nodded.

“So I seduced Lu Qiyuan.

As only his assistant, I didnt know how many years it would have taken to gain his trust, and I couldnt have obtained the evidence that he has hidden.

I became his woman and stayed by his side.

In that way, I gained his trust easily.

“Plus, his relationship with Xia Qingyang was getting worse.

The more Xia Qingyang fought with him, the more he thought that I was good.” He even thought of marrying her.

But how could she marry a jerk like him!

Just being with him, she had to try her best to not puke!

“Slowly, he trusted me more.

That gave me a chance to finally obtain the evidence,” said Jiang Yujie.

“Since I have the evidence already, naturally, I wont need to be by his side, pretending.”

“You…” Mrs.

Jiangs mouth twitched as her face got covered in tears.

She did not even think of the possibility that Jiang Yujie and Lu Qiyuan got together for this reason.

“Yujie, why did you…” Mrs.

Jiang could not speak.

She wanted to say, why did Jiang Yujie take things so hard

Even if she wanted to say its for Jiang Huaizhou, how could… she involve herself.

She gave her all to be with Lu Qiyuan…

This was such a huge sacrifice!

But… but Jiang Yujie was saving Jiang Huaizhou, so Mrs.

Jiang could not say anything.

“Then… then now… that you have the evidence, Huaizhou…” Mr.

Jiang asked Jiang Yujie hesitantly.

Jiang Yujie had made such a huge sacrifice, and Mr.

Jiang did not feel good.

However, he was also concerned about Jiang Huaizhou.

Jiang Yujie finally exhaled and smiled.

“I have submitted the evidence.

Regarding this, I asked for help from others.

They are very dependable.”

She did not tell them about Lu Man, even if they were her parents.

After all, no matter who Lu Qiyuan was, he was still Lu Mans blood-related father.

It was not like she did not trust her parents..

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