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Chapter 2785: Han Zhuoli Was Trying to Take Care of Her So Much That She Would Become Useless

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“Its already pretty good,” said Lu Man.

It was indeed pretty good.

Originally, there was only one bed in this bedroom.

Now, a thick carpet covered the floor, not revealing even an inch of it.

Everything was covered by the carpet.

The carpet was thick and soft.

Lu Man took off her shoes and stepped on it.

Her feet sunk into the carpet; it was an indescribable feeling of comfort.

There was even a shoe cabinet right outside the bedroom.

Han Zhuoli took out a pair of slippers from it and placed them beside the carpet at the door.

“You are comfortable wearing no shoes inside.

If you come out, it will be bothersome to wear your shoes, so you can just wear these slippers,” said Han Zhuoli.

“Its even fine to visit the various departments wearing slippers.

Just make yourself at home, but you have to watch out when you walk.

Dont trip and fall.”

The slippers were non-slip, bought by Auntie He, who had been asked by Han Zhuoli for them specifically.

After hearing this, Lu Man thought, what was the point of visiting when she could not go to the various departments

However, to Han Zhuoli, this was just a bigger house.

It just had more floors.

If she treated every office on every floor as a room in their own house, she would be very comfortable.

Lu Man did not say anything else.

She had already stepped on the carpet, but she took a few more steps on it.

“Feels so good.”

Han Zhuoli saw that she liked it and he was relieved.

“Take a look.

Is there anything else lacking” asked Han Zhuoli.

“Its already very good.

Its not so different from the bedroom at home,” said Lu Man.

The bedroom was spacious and had sunlight coming through.

A huge French window occupied a whole wall.

Rays of sunlight shot in, lighting up the whole room, along with peoples hearts.

By the window, there were layers of stuffed toys, soft and pleasant to look at.

There was a small bookshelf at the wall, with various novels of which all were the relaxed types that Lu Man liked.

Before Lu Man became pregnant, she liked to read parts that were relaxed and funny.

Whether it was books, television shows, or variety shows, she liked those that were relaxed and funny, not those that were sentimental.

According to Lu Man, peoples lives were already hard enough, with their own struggles.

Everyone had their own stress and unhappiness from their work or life.

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Life was already so hard, so why must she watch something that would make her feel unpleasant

It was better to be nice to herself, laugh more, and release some stress.

So, Lu Man did not watch anything that was sentimental or full of bitterness.

After getting pregnant, she became mindful of her mood to prevent overthinking, so all the more she would not watch such things.

It was not every day that Han Zhuoli would gather so many books and comics for her.

Lu Man scanned through them roughly; all were things that she had not read before.

Beside the bookshelf was a small desk.

There was a laptop on top for Lu Man to surf the web.

It was not good to keep surfing the web during pregnancy, so he had prepared so many books to distract Lu Man from her phone and computer.

And in the center of the room was obviously the huge and soft bed.

Beside the bed was a small desk.

All the food and drinks could be placed on top of it.

On the ceiling right above the computer desk hung a television.

The angle of the frame on which the television was hanging could be remotely controlled.

Whether Lu Man was sitting or lying down on the bed, she could adjust it to a suitable angle.

Lu Man felt that Han Zhuoli was trying to take care of her so much that she would become useless.

The kind where she would not get out of bed at all.

“But because theres a limit to the space, the toilet is outside..

It will be slightly bothersome to go to the toilet,” said Han Zhuoli.

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