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Chapter 2784: Look at That Beautiful and Delicious Face Every Day

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Most of them married middle-aged rich people.

Even then, if they could marry, they were considered winners.

Many people had been suffering a disastrous defeat; their effort was futile.

Lu Man did not just marry someone tall, rich, and handsome, but she had married into the wealthiest family.

Her husband was so handsome, she could look at that beautiful and delicious face every day.

Not to mention how good Han Zhuoli was to her.

They were affectionate to each other.

Han Zhuoli clearly had all the requirements to be able to flirt around outside, but he chose to stay with Lu Man, protecting her.

How could that not make others jealous

Before the jealous and envious gazes of others, Lu Man entered the elevator with Han Zhuoli.

There was an elevator specifically for Han Zhuoli, so he was not worried that Lu Man would be squeezed against.

However, as it was the peak time, even in the company hall, there were many people.

Han Zhuoli carefully protected her, afraid that someone would bump into her.

News of Lu Mans pregnancy had still not been announced to the public, and it was not easy to explain, so he could only protect her carefully.

When the two came out of the elevator, Zheng Tianming saw Han Zhuoli protecting Lu Man from far.

He was surprised as Lu Man rarely came to the office.

When she was here, it was usually because it was on the way or because she wanted to do something with Han Zhuoli.

So she would visit her past employees in the Public Relations Department.

Lu Man had never come to the office to look for Han Zhuoli.

During his work, why would she come for no reason

Lu Man felt that if she did that, it would be as if she could not stop worrying about Han Zhuoli; at the same time, it would look as if she was guarding him against someone.

However, she was not worried about Han Zhuoli and did not need to guard him against anyone.

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If anyone had bad thoughts about Han Zhuoli…

Before she could even know about it, the person would have been dealt with by him already.

Her husband was so powerful, so how could she be worried

If she kept coming to disturb him, she would be a laughingstock.

So when Lu Man came together with Han Zhuoli, Zheng Tianming felt strange.

He knew Han Zhuolis schedule; there was nothing for Lu Man to attend with him today.

He remembered Han Zhuolis phone call yesterday, telling him to add more stuff to that bedroom in the office.

Zheng Tianming felt strange, thinking, since when did Han Zhuoli pay attention to those things

After all, it had been so many years, but he had never been dissatisfied with the bedroom inside.

When he saw Lu Man today, he knew it was probably because of Lu Man that he added those.

Before Han Zhuoli and Lu Man entered the office, he said to Zheng Tianming, “From now on, Man Man will most probably follow me every day.”

“Alright,” answered Zheng Tianming, then he asked if Lu Man wanted to eat or drink anything.


No need to worry about me.

Just take care of your own work.

Dont let me disturb you,” said Lu Man, smiling.

Zheng Tianming said, “I will give you everything in the lounge right now.

I will get someone to buy whatever else that you want to eat.

Itll be easy to get someone to deliver it.”

Lu Man did not want to bother Zheng Tianming, so Han Zhuoli told him everything that Lu Man always ate at home.

Zheng Tianming recorded it, opened his phone, and placed the order using the delivery app.

The delivery app also consisted of a supermarket nearby, so it was convenient to get a delivery from there.

Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man to the bedroom in the office.

“Take a look if its okay.

Tell me if you think that its lacking something.” Han Zhuoli felt that no matter how good it was, it was definitely not as comfortable as their home.

Besides, there were Auntie He and Butler Xiao Wang at home to take care of her.

All of a sudden, he felt regretful, thinking that it would have been better to leave Lu Man at home.

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