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Chapter 2778: This Man Was So Dumb!

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“Dont talk nonsense!” Han Zhuoli held her hand tightly and interrupted her immediately.

“Youre alright, really alright!”

He saw that Lu Man was staring anxiously at him, looking as though she would not believe him if he did not explain.

Han Zhuoli sighed, and stutteringly, he expressed his fear.

She had guessed a part of it.

But hearing this man say it himself, she still felt sad.

“So, you stopped sleeping to look after me and see if I am still here” asked Lu Man with red eyes.

This was not acting anymore.

She was really suffering.

This man was clearly a smart person.

But every time it was something related to her, he became very dumb.

“I do sleep,” explained Han Zhuoli.

“I slept, but I woke up to take a look at you.

I will continue sleeping after taking a look.”

He said this, but how long had he been watching her

If she had not been woken up by her own dream tonight and found out about this, she would never have known.

For the past few days, her sleep quality had been excellent, and she did not know that this man had been staying up to watch over her.

Lu Man did not believe what he said about watching only for a while.

Was he not just hiding the fact that he was not sleeping to watch over her

To make sure that she would not worry, naturally, he would not speak the truth.

Just by looking at Han Zhuolis bloodshot eyes, she knew that he did not really rest.

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Or else, he would not look like this.

“How long have you been like this” Lu Man asked him.

“I am really resting well,” said Han Zhuoli without answering Lu Mans questions.

Lu Man did not insist on this question.

What could she do even if she knew

The most important thing was that she must ensure that he would not be so tired from now on.

“Looking at you now, I know that you definitely did not rest well,” said Lu Man.

“Zhuoli, for me, dont torture yourself.

I dont want you to fall sick before the child is even born.”

“I know,” said Han Zhuoli, carrying Lu Man into his arms.

“Dont worry, I will rest properly.”

Lu Man thought for a while and said, “I know that no matter what I say, if you dont confirm it with your own eyes, you will not believe it.”

Even Xie Jilings words could not put Han Zhuoli completely at ease.

“You worry about me during the day while youre in the office too, right” said Lu Man.

She was on her maternity leave, but Han Zhuoli still had to go to work during the day.

He could not always watch over her.

At first, Lu Man did not know that Han Zhuoli was so worried that he could not sleep, so she did not think that anything would happen when he went to work during the day.

However, now that she knew about it, she was certain that without seeing her, he would not be able to focus on his work during the day.

Although she had never heard about Han Zhuoli making any mistakes during work, Lu Man did not want anybody to talk bad about Han Zhuoli regarding his work, giving others a reason to attack him.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli had admitted it silently, Lu Man said, “Then are you willing to bring me to work”

She did not follow in the past as she felt that it was a little inappropriate.

Which man would bring his wife to work every day

He would be a laughingstock.

But now, Lu Man could not care about whether people would laugh.

Of course Han Zhuoli was the most important.

She must let him work in peace.

As expected, the moment he heard this, Han Zhuolis eyes glowed.

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