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Chapter 2777: Tell Me Honestly, I Can Take It

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“Dont hide it from me and make me guess.

Its better to tell me and well face it together.”

Lu Man paused and said, “Weve been together for so long; you know me.

I am not someone who cant handle things or someone who can be taken down easily.

So, if there is anything wrong with my body, tell me the truth.

I will face it and treat it together with you.

“Dont just carry the burden by yourself.

Before anything happens to me, you will suffer.” Lu Man saw his bloodshot eyes and felt scared.

She did not feel unwell herself.

She was afraid that Han Zhuoli would fall sick before the child was even born.

As she looked at Han Zhuoli, Lu Mans mind was everywhere.

She was worried that her child… could not be born…

Lu Man touched her stomach subconsciously.

Han Zhuoli did not say a word.

How did Lu Man think groundlessly and arrive at this

Han Zhuoli said immediately, “No, dont make blind conjectures.

I havent said anything, so why are you thinking about this During todays checkup, the doctor said that your condition is excellent.

Theres nothing to worry about.”

Lu Man stared straight at Han Zhuoli.

She knew Han Zhuoli very well, so she could obviously see that Han Zhuoli was speaking the truth.

Lu Man finally understood why Han Zhuoli could not sleep.

She thought about the time when Han Zhuoli was overjoyed about the pregnancy.

But after a while, he brought her to the Mount Lan Compound with a heavy heart.

Although they had Xie Jilings assurance, Han Zhuoli was not completely relieved.

He would only be at ease once she gave birth.

Lu Man knew Han Zhuolis thoughts, but if she was to say it out loud, Han Zhuoli would definitely not admit it.

Lu Man knew him very well.

So, Lu Man changed her way of approach.

“Dont lie to me.

It must be because there is something wrong with my body that youre like this.

Look at yourself now.

You look like you havent slept in days.

Your bloodshot eyes are so scary,” Lu Man said.


Its really not,” said Han Zhuoli hurriedly.

“Dont think groundlessly.

Youre pregnant, so you shouldnt scare yourself; what if something bad happens because you scared yourself I… I am just too busy with work, so I didnt rest well.”

“Then what about you not sleeping at midnight and staring at me Is it because of work too” said Lu Man, her eyes turning red as tears welled up.

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She studied acting.

She should use her acting skills when there was a need.

So, tears just suddenly appeared.

“I saw how you looked at me.

It was like youre afraid that I will be gone at any moment.

Tell me, did the checkup reveal that there is something wrong with my body” Lu Man sniffed and choked pathetically.

“Tell me honestly, I can take it.

How… how many more months do I have”

Han Zhuoli was shocked!

How many months!

She still had a long way to go!

She could at least live 70 to 80 years.

He wanted to take care of her properly and let her exceed a hundred years old!

Lu Man saw that Han Zhuoli still would not tell her, and her lips started shaking.

“Zhuoli, stop hiding it from me.

Tell me… can… can I last until the child is born”

Lu Man touched her stomach.

“My poor baby.

Its still in my stomach and hasnt grown up..

Is it… is it going to…”

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