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Chapter 2773: Youre Pregnant

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After the two discussed today, they went to the family home.

They had already played everything that needed to be played.

They had also rested and had replenished their energy today.

They could not just stay in the house for the whole day.

Unexpectedly, when they arrived at the family home, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were also there.

Old Mrs.

Han laughed.

“This is such a coincidence.

You guys agreed to come together”

“We did not know that Big Brother and Xiaoya would also come,” said Han Zhuoli, smiling.

He turned around and looked at Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, who just came in.

“You just got married.

How can you be willing to leave the house”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


It sounded like he was saying they should stay at home a lot because they were newlyweds… as though they were in a drunken haze.

Shi Xiaoya rejected it three times in her heart.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya sat down and explained, “Something came up suddenly two days ago, so we couldnt talk more with you guys.

We dont have anything on today, so we came.”

Old Mrs.

Han was laughing; she was joyous.

Her grandsons and granddaughters-in-law thinking about them made her happier than everyone else.

“Ay, what can we have here You just got married, so its good to spend time in your own world.

Dont rush.” After Old Mrs.

Han finished saying that, she asked, “Are you staying here for lunch”

“Of course.” Han Zhuoling smiled and nodded.

Old Mrs.

Han looked at her two grandsons and granddaughters-in-law in front of her and thought that there was nothing bad at all.

A family had to be this tidy.

Lu Man began to look sleepy.

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At first, she was excited while listening to their conversations.

But as she was listening, her eyelids felt heavy and she fell on Han Zhuolis shoulder.

Han Zhuoli jumped inside.

He turned around and saw that Lu Man had already closed her eyes.

“Yo, why is she suddenly asleep” Old Mrs.

Han did not expect Lu Man to sleep so quickly.

There was no indication; she slept immediately.

Han Zhuoli did not answer Old Mrs.

Hans questions at once.

Lu Man kept falling asleep like this recently.

It was not his first time being in this situation.

But he still felt anxious every time.

Lu Mans coma had left a trauma in Han Zhuolis heart.

The joy brought on Lu Mans pregnancy slowly disappeared.

After Han Zhuoli had calmed down, he was worried that Lu Mans body would be affected by the pregnancy.

He even brought Lu Man to the Mount Lan Compound to look for Xie Jiling.

Through Xie Jiling, Lu Mans spirit was confirmed to be steady.

They were unsure of the reason, but Lu Mans spirit did not actually merge together with her body completely before.

Then, the situation in which Lu Mans body was in a coma but her spirit went back to the past life happened.

After that, her spirit returned to her body and was secured.

It would not leave again.

But after Lu Man became pregnant, Xie Jiling found out that Lu Mans spirit was more secure than before.

It was also worth mentioning that when Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man to Xie Jiling, he did not tell Xie Jiling about Lu Mans pregnancy.

Following the tradition of not telling the public before she was three months pregnant, Lu Man did not tell others besides her own family.

However, when Xie Jiling saw Lu Man, she asked, full of surprise, “Youre pregnant”

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were dumbfounded.

Xie Jilings eyes were sharp!

With only a glance, she knew that Lu Man was pregnant.

Lu Mans stomach was not even big yet.

Xie Jilings eyes were faster than the assay machine in the hospital.

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