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Chapter 2753: Actually, They Do Not Even Have a Marriage Certificate

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Han Zhuoling did not want to let other people hear their conversation, so he had to whisper next to her ear.

They seemed even closer this way.

Embarrassed, Shi Xiaoya said, “There are so many kids here.

Its so embarrassing to do this in front of them.

Its not good to be a bad example.”

Han Zhuoling took a glance around.

Perhaps because their looks were too outstanding, when they stood in a crowd of people, they attracted attention.

A normal couple displaying their affection publicly would not attract any attention.

But Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya kept attracting glances from time to time.

When Shi Xiaoya saw this, she became even more embarrassed.

“What are you embarrassed for We are husband and wife.

We should be proud,” said Han Zhuoling, full of confidence.

“Look at those young and unmarried ones.

Its they who need to be embarrassed.

“They look tidy on the outside, but actually, they do not even have a marriage certificate,” said Han Zhuoling.

The arrogance in these words could not be hidden.

Who would have thought that the cold and mature Han Zhuoling would have an arrogant moment like this

Shi Xiaoya wondered whether that could be said in that way.

But Han Zhuoling would not let her go anyway, so she just stayed in Han Zhuolings arms, pretending not to see those glances.

As the two talked, time flew by.

It was their turn.

The people entered the haunted house in batches.

Only a maximum of ten people could enter at a time.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were in the middle positions.

Coincidentally, there were also three couples and four boys who looked like students.

When they were queuing up, they went uphill.

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So when they entered, it was actually to the rooftop of the hospital.

Their mission was to go downstairs from the top.

It didnt matter whether they took the stairs or the elevator, as long as they could get down.

The theme was an abandoned hospital.

So when they entered, everything in the hospital was in ruins.

There was no light in the hospital, and the rooms on both sides were all empty.

Even the doors all looked the same; they were all doors like those of emergency exits.

In the dark, it could not be differentiated which door was the exit of the floor and which ones led to a ward.

Besides, there was no worker leading in front.

They had to depend on their team to find the exit.

The moment Shi Xiaoya came in, she hugged Han Zhuolings arm tightly.

She had Han Zhuoling on her right, so she was not too scared, but she was afraid that something would emerge from her left to scare her to death.

Ever since they entered, the sound effects in the hospital had never stopped.

It was as though the sound was right by their ears.

From time to time, there would be sounds of footsteps from behind.

That sound was definitely not the footsteps of their teammates.

Because everyone inside was anxious, their footsteps were messy.

There was no way that their footsteps would be in an orderly manner like this.

There was a girl who screamed out of fear.

Even the four boys started screaming.

Shi Xiaoya hugged Han Zhuolings arm even more tightly.

“If… if I had known it was this scary, I wouldnt have come to play.”

Who would expect it to be this terrifying

Han Zhuoling chuckled and wanted to hug her, but his arm was being held on too tightly by Shi Xiaoya and could not even be moved.

Han Zhuoling said resignedly, “Let go of me first..

I will hug you so you wont need to worry about any jumpscares coming from your left side.”

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