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Chapter 2741: Return

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Shi Xiaoya did not even know how she was eventually held and placed on the bar counter.

She could not place her feet on the ground.

As the kiss continued, she felt herself flying up.

The only bad thing was that she was not wearing a lot and the counter felt cold after she had sat on it for a while.

However, the moment she moved, her entire body was lifted up by Han Zhuoling.

His palm supported her behind.

It felt soft and hot.

It was like sitting in a cloud roasted by the burning sun.

Hot and soft.

To prevent herself from falling off, she unconsciously wrapped her arms around Han Zhuolings waist.

She couldnt help but wrap her arms around his waist tightly.

As she did that, she thought to herself, “Han Zhuoling has such a thin waist.”

She had never tried hugging his waist forcefully, so she never realized this.

However, it was summer now and they were not wearing a lot.

And when she held his waist tightly, it became obvious.

It was obviously so skinny.

She couldnt help but wrap her arms around his waist even more tightly.

Han Zhuoling felt fire burning inside him.

He could no longer control himself.

He lifted her up and pushed her against the fridge door, kissing her even more fervently.

The moment he released her lips, Shi Xiaoya had forgotten what she had intended to do previously.

She just placed her head on his shoulder as she panted.

She felt as though all the air in her lungs had been sucked away.

Her lips were so swollen that she didnt dare to touch her own lips.

She just did it earlier and it felt hot and slightly numb.

Han Zhuoling felt fire burning in his throat as he pushed Shi Xiaoya towards the fridge even more, forcing himself on her.

“Should we go back to the room” Han Zhuoling said in a hoarse voice.

She felt her breath by his ear and it was burning hot.

Shi Xiaoya felt her ears burning hot.

When she heard what Han Zhuoling said, her mind went blank.

It was noon and it was hot outside.

Even with the curtains drawn, it was still bright in the house.

Shi Xiaoya felt very embarrassed.

“We just woke up,” Shi Xiaoya said in a soft and weak voice.

“What well be doing in the room has nothing to do with sleep anyway.” Han Zhuoling chuckled and said, “It has to do with doing you.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


Was this man saying a sex joke

Shi Xiaoya was so flustered that she did not know what to do.

They had been living together for a while and had reached the highest level of intimacy.

With Han Zhuolings persuasion skills, they have tried ridiculous positions.

As there was no one else in the house, Han Zhuoling behaved wildly.

However, it was unknown as to whether this shyness was caused by the fact that they had officially registered their marriage yesterday.

Shi Xiaoya had never felt as shy as right now in front of Han Zhuoling.

Although she had always been a little shy in front of him, she was never this shy.

At this moment, someones stomach growled.

The two looked down.

Shi Xiaoya realized that it was her stomach that growled.

Han Zhuoling chuckled and asked, “Are you hungry”

As of now, Shi Xiaoya could not even bother with the embarrassment caused by the punny joke.

She let out a sigh of relief and answered, “I just prepared the ingredients.

I was going to make lunch before you woke up.”

Han Zhuoling sighed and placed her down sadly.

“Then we can eat first…”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, was this man planning to complete the wedding night that they had missed right now

“Then, what about tonights…” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Tonights what” Han Zhuoling teased, asking as if he had no idea what she was going to say.

Shi Xiaoya knew that he was teasing her.

She sulked and ignored him.


“I dont care if you want it or not!

“I am not the one worrying about this anyway.”

When Han Zhuoling saw this, he immediately stopped while things were still good..

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