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Chapter 2731: Without Me Hugging You to Sleep

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Han Zhuoling said softly, “If I dont deal with her as soon as possible, my heart wont be able to take it.

If shes comfortable for one more night, then I will suffer for one more night.”

Shi Xiaoya saw this and decided stay together with Han Zhuoling.

“Sleep early.

It shouldnt take too long for me to handle this,” said Han Zhuoling to Shi Xiaoya.

Dealing with Lian Qingyin should not take too long.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

“If thats so, then let me stay with you.

I am not tired now anyway.”

There was also rage in Shi Xiaoyas heart, and this rage was directed towards Lian Qingyin.

Today was the day she and Han Zhuoling had gotten their marriage certificate, the day that both of them had officially become husband and wife.

This day was supposed to be remembered and was even the annivarsary date.

She officially became Mrs.

Han and Han Zhuoling officially beame her husband today.

Today was such an important day.

However, Lian Qingyin just had to cause trouble on such an important day, making the first day of their marriage an unpleasant day.

Even though the misunderstanding was cleared off, they could not get rid of the unhappiness gained from the process.

In the future, when they would think of today, they would remember that an unpleasant thing had happened on such an important day.

Shi Xiaoya also did not want to let Lian Qingyin off the hook.

So, seeing that Han Zhuoling still wanted to oppose, Shi Xiaoya said, “I cant sleep alone anyway.”

When Han Zhuoling heard this, the cold expression on his face softened immediately.

He pulled Shi Xiaoya into his embrace and chuckled softly and gently.

“Why Youre not used to me not hugging you to sleep”

“…” Shi Xiaoya blushed and said, “I am just curious about how youre going to deal with Lian Qingyin.”

Han Zhuoling smiled.


Stay with me, then.”


Seeing that the hype online had ended, Lian Qingyin could not slander Shi Xiaoya anymore.

No matter what she said, the netizens would not believe it.

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Because of this matter, Shi Xiaoya was given a layer of protection.

It would not be easy to slander her in the future.

This caused such a huge commotion and most netizens had believed it.

In the end, it was fake.

After the netizens had such an experience, no matter what bad things were said about Shi Xiaoya, everyone would have doubts.

The reason she caused this commotion today was because she could not bear to watch Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya get married.

Before the two were married, she had thought that she still had a chance and could think of a way to separate the two.

But who would have expected that the two of them would get married suddenly today

This had a huge effect on Lian Qingyin, making her unable to think sensibly.

Her mind was filled with thoughts of destroying Shi Xiaoya.

Even if Shi Xiaoya got married to Han Zhuoling, she did not want to let Shi Xiaoya have a good life.

With the rage in her heart, Lian Qingyin used a whole afternoon to prepare and slander Shi Xiaoya online.

But now, everything had failed.

Lian Qingyin waited for a long time once again.

Except for the fact that the screenshots had cleared the misunderstanding, Han Zhuoling had not seemed to have found out that the mastermind was her.

Because of this, Lian Qingyin could finally be at ease.

She cleaned up and went to bed.

She was unsure whether Han Zhuoling would find her tomorrow or in the future, but at least she could have a good sleep now.

Besides, she would look for that Not The Number One Fangirl tomorrow.

If all else failed, she would give her a sum of money to keep her mouth shut.

However, Lian Qingyin did not know that the email that Wei Wucai had sent to Han Zhuoling included more than the screenshots of the conversation..

It also revealed that Wei Wucai had found her.

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