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Chapter 2729: Why Are You So Well Behaved

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“Its so rare for Lu Man to show off their affection!”

“She is so blessed! Hes handsome, rich, loves his wife, and even cooks for his wife at midnight.

May I ask if there are still men like this”

This was the first time Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had kept such a high profile after getting married.

When Han Zhuoli placed the cooked noodles in front of Lu Man, he saw that Lu Man was smiling.

And that smile was extremely sweet.

Han Zhuoli asked, full of curiosity, “What are you looking at”

As he asked, he came over and saw Lu Mans phone screen.

He saw Lu Mans post.

Instantly, Han Zhuoli smiled.

He turned on his phone and went to have a look hurriedly.

He saw a comment.

“So whats the result of Young Master Hans work What did Young Master Han make for Lu Man”

Han Zhuoli used his own phone to take a pic of that bowl of mutton noodles.

Han Zhuoli: “Just unlocked beginner skill in the kitchen.

Wifey wanted to eat mutton noodles.


@Lu Man.”

“Have a taste.” Han Zhuoli did not care about it after posting as he rushed Lu Man to eat it.

As for the netizens comments, he already knew what they would say.

Lu Man also put down her phone.

According to what she said, Han Zhuoli had put all the dried chili flakes and the bag of chili oil, which came with the mutton noodles, into it.

Inside the bowl was red, just like a Chongqing hotpot.

It felt spicy just by looking at it.

Han Zhuoli was unsure whether it was alright for Lu Man to eat something so spicy.

But he had already agreed to let Lu Man eat whatever she wanted.

Han Zhuoli was just afraid that Lu Man would feel too heated if she ate too much.

However, Lu Man did not always eat like this.

Eating like this once in a while should be fine.

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Lu Man did not seem to feel unwell or heated.

He even asked the doctor and found out that it was not a problem as long as it was not eaten regularly.

It was like in Sichuan, where people could not eat a meal without something spicy.

How could pregnant women survive there

It was impossible for them to not touch spicy food at all.

This was the same.

So they just needed to ensure that their bodies were alright, then they would not need to worry too much.

Han Zhuoli was relieved.

As Han Zhuoli watched Lu Man devour the noodles, he wanted to eat as well.

“Let me have a little bit”

“Eat,” said Lu Man, smiling.

Han Zhuoli took another pair of chopsticks.

Lu Man reminded him, “Dont suck it or you will choke.”

Han Zhuoli took a little bit, but even with Lu Mans reminder, he almost choked.

“Its so spicy.” Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man, surprised.

“Is it really fine for you to eat like this”

“I wonder.

Is it because my body is lacking something so I want to eat something spicy Dont people say that during pregnancy, your cravings reflect what your body is lacking”

“Then you must take it slow.

I wont dare to make something so spicy for you in the future,” said Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man nodded obediently.

“Okay, I wont eat something so spicy anymore.”

“Why are you so well behaved” Han Zhuoli could not hold back and pinched her cheeks lightly.

Ever since she got pregnant, Lu Mans personality had become even softer.

She was already soft enough when she was in front of him before.

But after getting pregnant, her personality became extremely soft and adorable.

It made Han Zhuoli constantly have the desire to hug Lu Man and squeeze her.

Lu Man finished the noodles slowly.

Just as she was about to drink the soup, she was stopped by Han Zhuoli.

“You shouldnt drink this soup.

This soup looks terrifying.”

Lu Man licked her lips gluttonously and raised her index finger..

“Ill just have one sip.”

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