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Chapter 2728: Mr.

Han Unlocked Cooking Skill

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Lu Man saw his reaction and suddenly felt that this man was feeding her like he was feeding a pig.

But she was starving.

If this made her a pig, so be it.

Lu Man touched her stomach, smacked her lips, and pondered.

Then, she said, “I want to eat mutton noodles.”

Han Zhuoli laughed.

“Your appetite is going towards the Northwest area”

After Han Zhuoli said this, Lu Man got hungrier as she thought about it.

“Add more cilantro and put all the chili.”

“Okay.” Luckily, he already bought mutton noodles and beef noodles.

“I will go with you,” said Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli smiled and asked, “Why do you want to accompany me now”

Lu Man hugged Han Zhuolis arm.

“In the past, when I wanted to eat at midnight, you would go to the kitchen and make food for me.

Now, I dont want to sleep yet; I want to watch you cook in the kitchen.”

Han Zhuoli lowered his head and gave her a kiss.

“Not tired”

He was just worried that Lu Man would not get adequate rest.

Lu Man shook her head.

“Not tired.

I woke up at noon today.”

Han Zhuoli nodded and went to the kitchen with Lu Man.

Lu Man sat by the kitchen bar, her chin on her hands as she relaxed and watched Han Zhuoli.

Ever since she became pregnant, Han Zhuoli had totally familiarized himself with the kitchen.

He was crystal clear about where the seasonings were and how to use the appliances.

He opened the fridge, which was used to store Lu Mans food, and took out a bag of mutton noodles.

The mutton was marinated and vacuum-sealed.

The rice noodles were also fresh and vacuum-sealed.

The shelf life was only four days.

The seasonings consisted of a big bag of fried chili flakes, which was extremely spicy, and a bag of chili oil.

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The other vegetables were added according to their preference.

Lu Man watched as Han Zhuoli started working, full of experience.

He took out a cabbage from the fresh-keeping drawer of the fridge, washed it, and put it at the side, ready for use.

Then, he washed the cilantro and cut it into pieces.

“Look at you with your experienced knife work,” said Lu Man, surprised.

“Practice makes perfect.” Han Zhuoli was proud.

Lu Man took out her phone and took a backshot of Han Zhuoli cooking a bowl of noodles for her.

She did not even adjust the filter color.

Han Zhuoli looked good and had a good body anyway.

No matter how you took the photo, he would have the style of a model.

Whether it was from the front, side, or back, no matter which angle you took it from, with one glance, people could see how handsome this man was.

Lu Man admired the picture first.

Although it was a backshot, because he wore less during the summer, he was only wearing a T-shirt and long pants, along with an apron.

However, the apron was in front and could not be captured from the back, so only the lace of the apron, which was tied on his waist, was captured

This emphasized his thin waist.

Wide shoulders, small hips, and thin waist.

Just the backshot was attractive enough.

At first, Lu Man was hesitating whether or not to post this picture.

What if others saw the beauty of her husband when she posted

But after she thought about it again, Han Zhuolis beauty was never a secret; it had been thought about by people for so long, and there was not only this one backshot.

After thinking about it this way, Lu Man felt more at ease.

She posted the picture without any concerns.


Han unlocked cooking skill.”

Lu Man smiled secretly as she thought about it and tagged Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli had not finished cooking the noodles and did not know that Lu Man had posted this.

Lu Man was still chilling when she saw netizens starting to comment.

“Wow, my Man just destroyed false rumors tonight, and now shes started to show off their affection.”

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