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Chapter 2723: I Cast My Eyes On The Moon

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A while after hanging up, he received an email from Wei Wucai.

Han Zhuoling looked at the screenshot in the email.

It was the conversation between the mastermind and a studio.

The studio would specifically take on various hacking jobs.

When any celebrity wanted to recruit ghostwriters, they would also provide this service.

It was extremely easy to create an account to slander Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling.

In the screenshot, the mastermind told the studio how Shi Xiaoya was to be slandered.

After that, the studio created an account and sent a screenshot of the edited content to the mastermind.

Straight away, Han Zhuoling posted this screenshot and even circled one of the owners of that studio.

It was the entertainment account Not The Number One Fangirl, which was pretty famous.

This account would post some gossip about the entertainment industry consistently.

The people mentioned in the articles could be guessed by others, and the netizens were left guessing every day.

Many gossips were either outdated or misleading statements which could be blamed on anyone.

For example, so and so had secretly divorced.

But there were really quite a lot of people in the entertainment industry who were secretly married or secretly divorced.

If the news broke, this Not The Number One Fangirl would say confidently, “See, what do you think Ive said this since the start; a pair of celebrities have already secretly divorced.

It really is the case, right The people I was talking about were them.”

It was actually just a coincidence.

If it was said in this way, it would eventually come true.

But some fans still believed it.

Behind this account was a studio.

It was used to promote their own account and provide ghostwriting service.

Being in the same industry made it easier to win.

It would also accept whitewashing or hacking jobs.

Slowly, the service they provided became more diverse.

After Han Zhuoling had a look, he posted all these screenshots and even tagged the account Not The Number One Fangirl.

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I Cast My Eyes On The Moon: “I need you to post something.

Whats your price”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “It depends on what you want to post.”

I Cast My Eyes On The Moon: “Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya got their marriage certificates today.

You know, right”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “Of course I know.

They even broke the server, so how can I not know Why You want to expose something about them”

I Cast My Eyes On The Moon: “Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling had already hooked up before Han Zhuoling was divorced.

Although Han Zhuolings ex-wife Xia Yixin really did cheat and give birth to a child thats not Han Zhuolings, Han Zhuoling was not an innoncent victim.

He was just going with Xia Yixins flow.

He already knew from the beginning that Xia Yixin cheated, so he cheated with Shi Xiaoya.”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “Is this real or fake My price is based on whether the news is real or fake.

If its fake, then I will need to take the risk, so I will set a higher price.

And youre talking about Han Zhuoling.

If something goes wrong, then this account that I have built up could go to waste.”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “Besides, I need to decide my method based on whether its real or fake.

If its real, then it will be fine no matter how I say it.

If its fake, I cant let people catch any mistake in my words.”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “Other than that, do you want to slander both people or just focus on one person”

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