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“Impossible!” Lu Qis expression changed.

“Youre lying to me right!”

“Whats the use of lying to you about that Why dont you use your phone and check online its probably on the news now.”

Seeing that Lu Man was pretty confident about it, Lu Qi skeptically took out her phone and searched, in the end, she really did find that it was actually trending on Weibo.

The trending news said that Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang tried to imprison Lu Man illegally and thus were brought to the police station.

Seeing all the harsh scolding on the comments, reprimanding Lu Qiyuan for being inhuman and also castigating Xia Qingyang by saying that although she was a step-mother with no feelings for Lu Man, it was still too much.

“I want to become Lu Mans fan, even upon being constantly framed and schemed against by these two vile, inhumane things, she is still able to hold on till now, it really isnt easy.”

“She wants to film and enter the entertainment circle Could this be just a publicity stunt To publicize her debut in the entertainment circle”

“Whether it is or not, the fact that Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang are inhuman is unquestionable.

Solely because of this, I will support the Greedy Wolf Operation , I hope that Lu Man will suppress Lu Qi.”

“You!” Lu Qi was so furious that she was about to faint.

How did she not think of that

In the morning, Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang had gone to trap Lu Man and prevent her from coming here, yet somehow Lu Man had still appeared here, it was obvious that Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang did not succeed.

“Thats your father! How could you wrongly accuse him like that” Lu Qi accused angrily.

Han Zhuoli said to Sun Yiwu impatiently, “Director Sun, can any random person just come to the film set”

Sun Yiwu understood and gave a look to Xu Fenglai.

Xu Fenglai instantly called security and pointed at Lu Qi, “Take those strangers away!”

The security officers instantly hurried over, grabbing Lu Qis arms, one on each side.

Lu Qi screamed angrily, “What are you all doing I wont leave!”

Xu Fenglai walked up, and said, not at all polite, “To prevent the information about the movie from leaking out, random people are not allowed in.

You should leave now.”

The security officers stayed quiet and did not bother with Lu Qis screams and escorted her out.

Lu Qi shouted at Xiao Yuan, “Are you blind Quickly pull them away from me!”

But Xiao Yuan was already carrying Lu Qis handbag in one hand, while her other hand was pulling Lu Qis luggage bag, how could she bother with that.

She could only follow Lu Qi to leave the place.

After the security officers chasing Lu Qi and Xiao Yuan out, they returned.

Lu Qi was so enraged that she gave Xiao Yuan a tight slap.

“You just watched as I was dragged out by those people, you dont know how to help!”

It was then that Xiao Yuan could not bear it anymore and threw her luggage on the floor.

“Im your assistant, not your slave for you to hit and scold! I dont want this months salary, take it as if I worked for free for this half month, you can consider my half months salary as your savings since you dont have any work.

I would really prefer that I dont get to earn money anymore over having to continue serving you! Youre such a big star, I cant serve you!”

Seeing Xiao Yuan walk away, Lu Qi angrily yelled, “Come back, come back here now!”

This horrible girl was leaving her stranded here, how could she return home now!

Yet not only did Xiao Yuan not stop, but she also increased her walking speed, wishing she could fly away at this instant.

Meanwhile, at the film set, embarrassed, Lu Man apologized, “Im sorry, Ive troubled you all.”

“No worries, its good that you finally came here,” Sun Yiwu did not mind, and furthermore, with Han Zhouli himself present there, he did not dare to mind.

Upon seeing that Han Zhuoli actually accompanied Lu Man to the filming location, Sun Yiwu felt that he had underestimated Lu Mans importance to Han Zhouli.

He had never really seen any big CEO treat his girlfriend so well — traveling such a long distance to drop his girlfriend at the filming location — when they were just dating.

South Yunan was much further than the suburb hot springs from B City.


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