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Chapter 2705: Still a Kid

As she was a popular makeup artist, celebrities would also add her as a friend so it would be easier for them to book an appointment.

If they waited for their two companies to make official appointments, it would be too late.

Ling Xiaoen and the other two were also Shi Xiaoyas WeChat friends.

After seeing the post, they congratulated her immediately.

Dong Qinrong and Gao Zishan also commented, “Congratulations! Remember to send me an invitation card.”

While Shi Xiaoya was still busy replying to the congratulation messages from her friends, Han Zhuoling had already posted another message on Weibo.

Shi Xiaoya thought that Han Zhuoling was very fast.

It was the same picture that Han Zhuoling took.

“Today, I bid farewell to single life.

Hi wifey @Xiaoya.”

This time, without Han Zhuoling reminding her, Shi Xiaoya also posted the picture of him smiling stupidly at the marriage certificates.

“Day one of officially being Mrs.


Hi hubby @Han Zhuoling.”

The Weibo community was caught off guard as they received messages of the two getting their marriage certificates.

Many fans and netizens rushed over.

Sharing and commenting.

Then, Weibo crashed splendidly.

One of Weibos programmers came out crying, “Our server is still a kid.

It received pain that it should not have at this age.”

Another programmer said, “@Han Zhuoling, @Shi Xiaoya, why cant you two let us know beforehand that you have a big announcement so we can expand the server for it”

A third programmer said, “Big bosses, if you have any big announcement next time, please inform us earlier so we can prepare! Dont need to tell us the details, just let us have time to expand the server!”

Finally, Weibo returned to normal.

Netizens could finally comment again.

Under Han Zhuolings Weibo account, everyone who was a wife-fan bid farewell to their ex-husband.

“From now on, Hubby is someone elses hubby.


“Han Zhuoling, I am the woman you never got.”

“Another hubby left the single life.

Let me go and count how many hubbies are left.”

There were also Shi Xiaoyas fans who commented, “Please take care of our Xiaoya.”

“We leave our Xiaoya in your hands!”

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“Our Xiaoya is cute and naive.

We leave her under your protection!”

Han Zhuoling picked one of the comments of Shi Xiaoyas fans randomly and replied, “Dont worry.

I will take care of and protect her.”

“My god! My lucky friend, you should go and buy lottery tickets! Out of tens of thousands of comments, yours was chosen by Han Zhuoling; your luck is over the roof today!”

The netizen who got a reply from Han Zhuoling was so moved that she sent a line of crying emojis.

“So moved.

This is the closest I got to my god.

Everyone, I will stop here and go buy lottery tickets.”

Shi Xiaoyas side had even more comments because she had posted a picture of Han Zhuoling looking at the marriage certificates.

“My gods side profile is also so perfect.”

“Why do I feel like he looks a bit dumb when looking at the marriage certificates Didnt think that my god has this side too.”

“Smiling stupidly at the marriage certificates.


This one is very good.”

“My god must love Xiaoya very much.

Thats why hes so happy just getting the marriage certificates.”

“My god looks so cute.

So jealous of Xiaoya!”

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya received many blessings from netizens.

The two were not famous online.

Even though they had many fans, they had their own professions and did not have any anti-fans..

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