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“Cut!” Sun Yiwu held up a loudspeaker, “Alright, this scene passes.”

When they stopped filming to prepare for the next scene, Sun Yiwu raised his wrist to look at the time, upon turning his head he saw Xu Fenglai walking over and asked, “Has Lu Man reached the airport yet”

“I just wanted to talk to you about that.” Xu Fenglai then relayed everything that Lu Qi had told him.

“I just asked Xiao Dong, Lu Man should have reached a long time ago, but he did not see Lu Man anywhere and when he tried to calling her, her phone was switched off.”

Sun Yiwu was shocked, “Is it that the flight has been delayed”

“No, the airplane took off on time,” Xu Fenglai already had a bad impression of Lu Man in his heart and did not even try to think if Lu Man had faced some difficulty.

However, Sun Yiwu instinctively did not believe it; Lu Man had even thought of a clause in the contract to make sure that that they would not advantage of her relationship with Han Zhuoli for the movies promotion, wish such meticulous thinking, how could she go against what she had said without any reason

“Go give Zheng Tianming a call and ask Lu Mans whereabouts,” Sun Yiwu instructed.

Xu Fenglai hit his head, he completely forgot that he could ask Zheng Tianming.

He instantly made a phone call to Zheng Tianming, “Assistant Zheng, I want to ask, has Lu Man already left for our filming location”

“Shes already set out, our CEO is himself accompanying her there.”

“Oh, alright, I know now,” Xu Fenglai was about to hang up.

Just then Zheng Tianming thought of something and asked, “Is Lu Man not there yet”

“Nope, the ticket for the airplane we had booked for her took off on time and even landed on time, but we did not manage to fetch her,” Xu Fenglai did not hide anything.

Zheng Tianming just wentoh, then smiled and said, “I know about this whole situation, when Lu Mans biased father found out that she was going to your film location, he locked her in her house and did not let her go.”

Hearing that, Xu Fenglais eyebrows were raised, and Zheng Tianming then said, “Our CEO freed Lu Man but she missed the flight that you booked.

However, she wont be much late, she would probably reach soon.”

“Alright, I know,” Xu Fenglai thanked him, and after hanging up the phone, he looked strangely at Lu Qi.

Even Lu Qi found it strange when she saw Xu Fenglai go close to Sun Yiwus ear, and whisper something softly.

Xu Fenglai told Sun Yiwu all the details that he found out from Zheng Tianming and Sun Yiwus face instantly darkened.

Sun Yiwu was smart, as soon as he heard it, he could understand what had happened.

Lu Qiyuan had locked Lu Man and Lu Qi was taking advantage of the opportunity to replace Lu Man.

It was just that they were too naïve, thinking that he would let anyone who comes at this moment to act in the film.

He was a director with high standards for quality of work, he wanted to do the best of his ability for the film.

Thus even if he needed to deal with those large costs, he would never choose Lu Qi just because Lu Qi came to offer herself as a replacement!

These people looked down on him too much!

They were taking him for a fool!

Lu Qi saw Sun Yiwus darkened face but misunderstood.

Thinking that Sun Yiwu was angry at Lu Man, Lu Qi was elated and hurriedly saying, “Director Sun, my older sister is very irresponsible, dont be too upset at her.

You can just let me take over.

I have experience in acting, and as for the martial arts actions, I will do my best to complete them.

Its my older sister fault so I will act without any payment as an apology for my sisters actions.”

“Oh” Sun Yiwu smiled coldly in his heart, before this, he really did not know Lu Qi well and had just thought of her as an actress who was just becoming popular, but he did not think that she would be this shameless!

“Its better to wait a while more, her scenes would only start filming tomorrow, she might reach tonight,” Sun Yiwu said.


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