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Chapter 2697: He Could Be So Jealous

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Right after, they heard Shi Xiaoya say, “Zhuoling said that I have always been spoiled and loved by you guys.

Now, hes married to such an important…”

Shi Xiaoya felt embarrassed to say it out loud, even a little ashamed.


Its natural to come here first.”

Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin were smart and they understood what Han Zhuoling meant.

Han Zhuoling only left out one thing, which was that marrying Shi Xiaoya was the Han Family taking advantage.

Knowing that her own daughter had such an important place in her son-in-laws heart, how could Du Yiqin not be happy

She laughed immediately.

When Du Yiqin laughed, Shi Xiaoya let out a sigh of relief.

At least she already laughed, so it would be impossible for her to make a stern face and get angry again.

Shi Guanzhong cleared his throat.

“If you know that these kinds of things will make us angry, then dont do it again next time.”

Shi Guanzhong saying this meant that he was not angry anymore.

Shi Xiaoya let out a sigh of relief.

However, before she even finished, Shi Guanzhong said, “If theres a next time, we wont be so easy to coax!”

Du Yiqin added, “Thats right.

You guys went to get your marriage certificates quietly.

We only learned about it after you have gotten them; it doesnt feel too good.

“Its not like we dont approve of your marriage.

We have long been seeing Zhuoling as our son-in-law.

Its not a problem no matter when you get your marriage certificates.

On the contrary, we feel at ease that youre married.” Du Yiqin glanced at Han Zhuoling.

She was very satisfied with her son-in-law and was not concerned at all.

However, back when Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were not married, she had still felt a little uneasy.

“So, try to remember us next time,” said Du Yiqin.

The parents were not angry; they were just sad.

Du Yiqins last sentence made Shi Xiaoyas eyes red.

She felt awful.

“Dad, Mom, sorry.

We wont do it again.”

Du Yiqin smiled.

“Alright, alright.

From here on, you two are officially one family.”

Du Yiqin smiled at the couple sitting opposite her.

Shi Xiaoya was now officially under Han Zhuolings protection.

Du Yiqin felt that her own daughter had become someone elses.

It was like… giving half of herself away.

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Before they were married, she had felt uneasy, afraid that something would happen.

If they were to break up, Shi Xiaoya would suffer the most.

However, now that they were married, she was reluctant to let Shi Xiaoya go.

She felt conflicted.

After a short while, Shi Nancang returned.

Even though Du Yiqin and Shi Guanzhong were now fine, Shi Nancang still had a moody expression.

Shi Xiaoya had to make him happy.

Fortunately, she only had to focus on Shi Nancang now.

Shi Xiaoya held Shi Nancangs arm.

“Brother, dont be angry.

I know that Im wrong.

I promise this wont happen again.”

Han Zhuolings face turned dark as he watched.

Even if Shi Nancang was Shi Xiaoyas older brother, seeing how close Shi Xiaoya was to Shi Nancang was an eyesore.

Han Zhuoling let out a dry cough.

But now, Shi Xiaoyas attention was fully on Shi Nancang, so she did not hear anything and did not notice Han Zhuolings dark expression.

Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin noticed it.

They did not expect that Han Zhuoling, a mature man whom everyone was terrified of, could be so jealous and have such a petty side.

The couple had forgotten all about their sadness as they watched excitedly from the side..

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