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“Wait for a while, let me ask,” the crew member said, and took out his phone, just as he was about to make a call someone walked over.

“Is Lu Man not here yet” Sun Yiwus assistant, Xu Fenglai came over to ask,


Xu Fenglai twitched her lips and made a phone call, “Have you fetched Lu Man from the airport”

The crew member who had been sent to fetch Lu Man, Dong Xing, was still waiting at the airport.

“Not yet, I checked the flights already, she should have landed half an hour ago as there was no delay.

All the other passengers have all come out already, but not Lu Man.

I gave her a call but her phone was switched off.”

“How can she be so unreliable!” Xu Fenglai hung up the phone, muttering unhappily.

Since Lu Man was Han Zhuolis girlfriend, he did not dare to say anything bad about her, but it could not be helped that he was unhappy.

“Brother Xu,” the crew member called.

Xu Fenglai turned his head to look at him, only noticing Lu Qi now.

“Dont let fans in first, theyre still filming inside, its inconvenient.”

Right now, Lu Qi was not wearing sunglasses, yet Xu Fenglai actually did not recognize her!

Lu Qis was so furious that she could explode any second now, but Xu Fenglai was not someone she could dare to offend the way she had rebuked the crew member just now.

“Brother Xu.” Lu Qis facial expression changed instantly as she smiled sweetly.

“Im Lu Qi.”

The crew member was shocked, this Lu Qi was really two-faced!

She really knew how to treat different people, he twitched his mouth unhappily.

“Lu Qi” Xu Fenglai finally recognized her.

“Miss Lu, why did you come over here today Are you here to visit someone”

He remembered that Lu Qi was Lu Mans younger sister, was Lu Qi here to visit Lu Man at work

But how come he suddenly recollected that Lu Qis relationship with Lu Man was very bad.

Before this, their family matter had been exposed online, and it seemed that there was bad blood between the two of them.

“Thats not it,” Lu Qi smiled sweetly and talked very politely, entirely different from how she was just now.

“Im here in place of my sister.”

“What does that mean” Hearing that, Xu Fenglai was confused.

“My older sister has something going on and cant come, so I took her place and came here, of course, we could not delay the shows filming right” Lu Qi said sincerely, “I found out that she could make it at the last minute, and since she did not want to pay the penalty for breaching the contract, I could only take her place.”

“She has something going on and cant come” Xu Fenglai frowned, a bit suspicious.

Looking at Lu Man, she did not seem so unreliable.

But it was true that he could not contact Lu Man and Lu Man did not even have a manager.

“Yes, sorry, Ive troubled you all,” Lu Qis face was full of sincerity and understanding, “My older sister is just like that, always doing what she wants and does not have much sense of responsibility.

All along, she has caused trouble to a lot of people, and each time I and my dad have been helping her clean up the mess she leaves behind.

It just that we did not think she would do something worse this time, even daring to stand up Director Suns movie.”

Lu Qi frowned and said, “Thats why I hurried over, I know that currently your filming schedule is very tight and cannot be delayed anymore.

If Director Sun doesnt mind, I can take over my older sisters place.

To express my apologies for my older sister, I wont take any pay for this film.

After all, this is a mess left behind my older sister.”

Lu Qi dared to come over directly to join the film crew because she was sure that at this moment Sun Yiwu would not be able to find anyone else and the filming could not be delayed any longer.

This was not only his problem, but it would also affect other peoples schedules, costs of production, advertising and a whole range of other problems.

At the last moment, when they could not find anyone else, they would have to give her the role.

This was simply forcing Sun Yiwu to a dead end, leaving him with a single choice to save the film.

After giving it a thought, Xu Fenglai said, “Come with me first.”

He then brought Lu Qi and Xiao Yuan to the film set, and from afar, they saw the award-winning actor Zhang Shuidong and the popular newcomer Yu Yanshu filming an action scene.


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