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Chapter 2687: Could That Be the Same

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After Han Zhuoling tidied up, it was already 7:40.

Although Shi Xiaoya was tired, she could hear the sound of Han Zhuoling walking around and tidying up.

Han Zhuoling had already tried his best to lower down the volume, but Shi Xiaoya was remembering something, so she was not in a deep sleep.

She was too sleepy and her brain was not functioning, so she could not remember what it was.

But subconsciously, she remembered that she had something major to do and needed to wake up early.

So she still opened her eyes sleepily with great effort.

After rubbing her eyes a few times, she could finally open them.

They felt sore and were stinging.

She could faintly see a figure moving about.

Lazily, Shi Xiaoya was slightly awake but still could not remember.

She turned around and lay on her side.

Just then, Han Zhuoling walked in.

“Awake” Han Zhuoling walked to the bedside.

Shi Xiaoya saw that he was all dressed up and was stunned.

Even though she remembered that there was something major happening, she was still sleepy and could not recall what it was.

She asked, confused, “Youre going to work this early”

In the past, going to work at this time was already considered late for Han Zhuoling.

But Han Zhuoling had already adjusted his working time back to normal.

He no longer left at around five or six but left normally at eight, and he would arrive at the office before nine.

So upon seeing the time, Shi Xiaoya asked what was up.

Han Zhuoling heard her question and laughed out of anger.

He pinched her nose angrily.

Shi Xiaoya could not breathe; she could only open her mouth.

Then Han Zhuoling said, “Did you forget We said that we would go sign our marriage certificate today.”

Shi Xiaoyas nose was still being pinched by Han Zhuoling, and after taking a few breaths with her mouth, she woke up completely.

After being reminded by Han Zhuoling, she remembered.

They had discussed that they would get their marriage certificate today!

Shi Xiaoya was now fully awake.

She jumped up.

“I was just thinking about it!”

Shi Xiaoya hugged Han Zhuoling immediately.

“I thought that there was something big, so I woke up this early.

“Or else, how could I have woken up so early after the exhaustion from last night” Shi Xiaoya mumbled with her flushed face.

“Its just that I just woke up and my brain wasnt thinking.

Its not fully awake.”

Han Zhuoling looked at her.

The red color on the little girls cheeks was showing through her white skin.

Even though she did not sleep for a long time, clearly, Shi Xiaoyas sleep quality had been good.

Her whole face was moisturized.

Even her eyes were glowing because of the moisture.

Her lips were red and pouty.

When Han Zhuoling saw her lips, he could not help himself and he started kissing her again.

Shi Xiaoya had forgotten that she was naked.

Initially, she had had a blanket covering her.

However, as Han Zhuoling continued kissing her, he removed the blankets.

Shi Xiaoya did not notice anything wrong until she felt a burning hot palm on her smooth back.

This was when she realized what was going on.

There was nothing to be shy about.

She had been even more intimate with Han Zhuoling before.

However, at this moment, Han Zhuoling was wearing a suit and looking very professional.

He had even buttoned the first button of his shirt, only revealing the Adams apple.

His collarbones could not be seen at all.

He was dressed neatly, but she was not wearing anything.

And so, Shi Xiaoya felt very uneasy.

As she was held by Han Zhuoling, she felt so embarrassed that her shoulders turned red.

“Ill go tidy up.” Shi Xiaoya nudged him.

Remembering that they had something major to do, Han Zhuoling finally let go of Shi Xiaoya but sat there without moving.

Shi Xiaoya grabbed the blanket and covered herself.

She kicked him through the blanket.

“Go out and wait.

I want to take a shower and get changed.”

Han Zhuoling smiled and said as he pulled on her blanket, “We are in this relationship, but you still need to hide from me to shower and get changed”

“Thats still embarrassing,” mumbled Shi Xiaoya, blushing.

“Youre all dressed up, but I…”

She did not have such a big heart to be able to walk around naked in front of him.

Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrows.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

“It was me who took off your clothes.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


“How is that the same” Shi Xiaoya said angrily.

Frustrated, Han Zhuoling rubbed her head a few times.

“Alright, alright.”

When would this little girl open up fully in front of him

If Shi Xiaoya knew what he was thinking, she would tell him that it was impossible that she would walk around naked in front of him.

She would be too shy to do so her whole life..

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