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Chapter 2686: A Major Event

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Even if Lian Qingyin was very delusional, she could not think that Han Zhuoling liked her if she watched Han Zhuoling get married, right

Even though Lian Qingyin would not give up that easily even if they had their marriage certificate…

They could at least show Lian Qingyin their attitude.

No matter what she did, nothing would affect their relationship.

“Okay.” Shi Xiaoya nodded as she answered readily, “Lets go tomorrow”

After making a major life decision, Han Zhuoling also felt overjoyed.

The major event was alraeady half done; they only needed to sort out their marriage certificate and it would be considered done.

“Lets go tomorrow,” said Han Zhuoling with uncontrollable excitement.

The two had decided, but they could not sleep now.

However, they did not speak; they just held each other quietly.

In the end, Shi Xiaoya fell asleep first.

After all, Shi Xiaoyas physical strength was a lot weaker than Han Zhuolings.

So even if she was excited, she could not stay up.

She fell asleep without knowing it.

But Han Zhuoling could not fall asleep.

When he thought about how Shi Xiaoya was officially going to be his missus after tomorrow, he could not sleep at all.

With his eyes open, he lay on his side with Shi Xiaoya in his arms.

His hand was placed on Shi Xiaoyas back as he searched for his phone.

He looked from Shi Xiaoya to the time on his phone from time to time.

He thought about why the night was passing so slowly.

Han Zhuoling counted second by second, hoping that dawn would arrive faster so that he could bring Shi Xiaoya to sort out their marriage certificate.

Unconsciously, Han Zhuoling stayed up with his eyes open, and he saw the color of the sky outside the window turn from pitch black to a faint dark blue.

Then he looked at the time; it was already five in the morning.

Two more hours and it would be victory!

Finally, it was seven.

Han Zhuolings face glowed with his bloodred eyes.

When he saw that Shi Xiaoya was still deep in slumber, he thought that he really made her tired last night.

So Han Zhuoling did not rush to wake her up.

Carefully, he slipped his arm out from under her neck.

His arm had been laid on the whole night and it felt numb.

It only got better after Han Zhuoling massaged it for a while.

He washed his face and took a shower, then put on a neat suit.

When he finished tidying up, he looked into the mirror and his expression turned dark.

Because he did not sleep the entire night, his eyes were bloodshot and his body seemed weak..

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