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Chapter 2679: They Are Just Small Fries

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They followed the police officer to the interrogation room and saw a person sitting in an empty and small room.

“This is one of them.

The second one is in another room.

We cant put them in the same room,” the officer explained.

“Think about it.

Do you really not recognize this person” the police officer asked Shi Xiaoya.

The interrogation room had unidirectional perspective glass, allowing Shi Xiaoya to see inside without going in.

The person in the interrogation room would not be able to see them.

Shi Xiaoya observed carefully and shook her head again as she answered, “I really dont know him.”

And then, Shi Xiaoya went to the other interrogation room.

She could see the other person through the one-way mirror.

“I dont know both of them,” Shi Xiaoya said as she shook her head.

“I still think that these two were told to do this by someone.”

The police officer nodded.

He did not mention that if these two people adamantly took the blame, then there was really nothing they could do.

This was the last clue.

“We will think of more ways to deal with this,” the police officer said.

“We wont close this case so quickly.”

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya then left the police station and went back home.

They changed into their lounge wear.

Han Zhuoling then gave Wen Ren a call.

He did not leave to make this call.

Instead, he had Shi Xiaoya listen in on the phone call.

Since this had something to do with Shi Xiaoya, there was no need to hide anything from her.

Wen Ren picked up his phone right away.

This was his personal phone number and not many people had it.

Therefore, he always answered right away when someone called this number.

When Wen Ren saw that it was Han Zhuoling, he answered without any hesitation.

“Yo, Old Han,” Wen Ren said casually.

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His voice sounded rebellious.

Wen Ren, a father with two kids, was not young.

And yet, his temperament did not change.

As Han Zhuoling was the eldest of the three sons of the Han Family, Wen Ren called him Old Han.

As for Wei Zhiqian and the other older ones, they called Han Zhuoling Zhuo Zi.

As for Han Zhuofeng, everyone called him Xiao Han, which meant Little Han.

Han Zhuoling, feeling speechless, thought to himself, “I am not that old, but Wen Ren called me Old Han like I am some old person.”

“Help me find information on these two people.” Han Zhuoling explained what had happened today to Wen Ren.

Just by reading the information of the two people at the police station once, he remembered everything.

And now, he accurately provided Wen Ren the information of the two people.

Wen Ren scratched his sideburn and said, “They are some small fries.

It will be hard to investigate with just their information.”

Immediately, Wen Ren said, “It will take some time.

Although the intelligence agency is able to do a very thorough investigation and can acquire very detailed information, they usually wouldnt find or use the information of such small fries.”

Han Zhuoling then said, “They must have been hired by someone.

I have already asked my men to start the investigation with this clue.”


Let me handle it all.

Your men are not going to be as professional and as efficient as the members of the Mount Lan Compound.”

Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “Alright.

Then I will leave it to you.”

As the saying went, different fields have different specialties.

It was true that the Mount Lan Compound would know better about how to deal with these things.

If Han Zhuoling could solve everything by himself, why would they need the police

What else could the the Mount Lan Compound do

“Lucky for you, Wei Wucai is taking his vacation in B City.

I will ask him to tell you the details,” Wen Ren said.


Han Zhuoling then hung up the phone and pulled Shi Xiaoya into his arms as he said, “Sorry.

It all happened because of me.”

Considering the way Lian Qingyin had behaved, it was obvious who had truly caused the car accident.

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