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Chapter 2674: Stopped Feeling Angry Long Ago

Han Zhuoling really pretty much felt this way right now.

“I was wrong,” Shi Xiaoya said obediently as she hung her head low.

“What did you do wrong I protected you, afraid that you will get hurt, but thats just me being overly concerned.

In your eyes, your work is more important.

Making some sacrifices for work, theres definitely nothing wrong with that,” Han Zhuoling said in a sullen voice.

He still felt angry.

So his tone sounded angry as well.

The mastermind this time was Lian Qingyin, but he was angry that Shi Xiaoya did not treat herself with care.

When he first saw Shi Xiaoya, he did not know that the car had been so severely damaged.

When he saw that Shi Xiaoya was indeed fine, he felt assured.

But after he saw how badly the car had been damaged, he could imagine how dangerous it had been at that time.

Yet Shi Xiaoya did not take it seriously and her first reaction was to go to work.

This was what he was angry about.

He would deal with Lian Qingyin, but these were two separate things.

Shi Xiaoyas issue had to be addressed as well.

“Dont be angry anymore,” Shi Xiaoya said softly as she plucked up her courage to hold his hand.

Seeing how soft and cute she looked, Han Zhuoling did not know what to do with her anymore.

But he still felt really suffocated in his heart.

Shi Xiaoya just felt that she knew her own condition, that she was really not injured.

But she also knew that she had indeed put her work before her own wellbeing.

“I wont do this next time.” Shi Xiaoya wrapped both of her hands around his hands.

The soft tip of her thumb caressed the back of his hand, making Han Zhuolings heart itch with her touch.

He lowered his eyelids, but he still tried his best to maintain a sullen expression.

Seeing his expression, Shi Xiaoya could only try her best and say, “This kind of thing wont happen again.

I will definitely put my own wellbeing ahead of my work and prioritize my own safety.

I wont risk my life like this anymore, much less make you worry.

“I know I was wrong.

I know youre worried for me and cherish me, but I became the one who didnt cherish myself, and thats why youre angry.” Shi Xiaoyas voice was soft and weak.

“Before this, I really didnt notice that I had this problem.

Its probably because no one told me that, so I just got used to it.

“You are right, so I wont behave like this anymore.” Shi Xiaoya shook his hands a few times and said, “Dont be angry anymore, alright”

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Han Zhuoling secretly sighed.

She was being so soft like this.

How could he still be angry

He stopped feeling angry long ago.

But he was just worried that she would not remember the lesson this time and still do the same thing again next time, so he pretended that he was still angry.

But this little girl did not know how difficult it was to put on a cold and hard look in front of her.

Just as Han Zhuoling was about to say that he was not angry, he suddenly saw Shi Xiaoya move.

Han Zhuoling stared at her, his expression not changing, wondering what Shi Xiaoya wanted to do.

He felt a little curious, so he decided to maintain his current expression no matter what she did.

He then saw Shi Xiaoya move a little in the passengers seat, trying to move closer and closer to him.

Then her knees got obstructed by the gear and storage compartment between the drivers seat and the front passengers seat.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and lowered her head and bent her back while also bending her knees and struggling to stand up in the car.

The space in the car was limited, so no matter how high the roof of the car was, it would not be able to let a person straighten his or her back while standing up.

Even if Shi Xiaoya bent her legs, her head was still crouched down, the back of her neck and shoulders sticking against the roof of the car.

Just looking at her standing like this made Han Zhuoling empathize with how uncomfortable that felt.

How uncomfortable that was.

He frowned and wanted to make her quickly sit down properly and ask why she was standing so uncomfortably.

But before he could say that, his frowning action made Shi Xiaoya misunderstand..

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