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Chapter 2672: Dont Talk to Me Right Now, I Am Very Angry

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Shi Xiaoyas car that had been damaged to tatters was driven to the automobile sales service shop for repair by Xiao Yu.

Aside from looking horribly damaged, actually, the driving functions were not affected.

So Xiao Yu first drove this badly damaged car to send Guo Yujie home before driving to the automobile sales service shop.


Han Zhuoling escorted Shi Xiaoya into his own car before going around to sit in the drivers seat.

He drove off and headed to the hospital.

Han Zhuolings face was cold and stern.

He did not speak a word at all throughout.

The pressure level in the car felt dangerously low and made one feel really suppressed.

Shi Xiaoya was scared when Han Zhuoling did not speak.

In the past, when she had just gotten to know him and was not very familiar with him, she had already felt that he gave people a lot of pressure when he did not speak.

Just one glance from his expressionless face would be enough to scare people to death.

Afterward, once both of them slowly got closer, Shi Xiaoya still could not completely relax in front of him at first.

But as she interacted with him more and more, she slowly got less scared of him.

And in front of her, Han Zhuoling would not create an uncomfortable silence even when he did not talk a lot.

After the two of them officially got together, all the more Han Zhuoling did not behave so coldly.

Every time he saw her, his face would always have a warm smile on it.

That smile extended from the corners of his lips all the way up to his eyes.

Although his smile was faint, the happiness in his expression ran deep.

And thus, Han Zhuolings image seemed to have been completely shattered.

He became warmer and warmer around her.

Shi Xiaoya liked to act cute in his embrace.

She clearly was not the kind to act cute, but around Han Zhuoling, she just could not help it.

Han Zhuoling also never got tired of it and liked it a lot.

Every time he saw her, there would always be a warm look in his eyes.

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Since the time the two of them got together, there was never a moment of uncomfortable silence between them.

True, the two of them could not possibly have endless things to say every time and would have moments where both of them were quiet.

That kind of silence, however, did not make one feel uncomfortable or awkward.

It was actually quite heartwarming.

Even if they stayed by each others side quietly without a word, they would still feel comforted.

It was different now.

Shi Xiaoya stole a glance at Han Zhuolings side profile.

His face was sullen, and he was emanating cold air all over.

Shi Xiaoyas heart trembled fearfully; she felt both guilty and scared.

She tried quite a few times to open her mouth but did not manage to make a sound at all.

They were halfway into their journey when Shi Xiaoya finally mustered enough courage and braced herself to say, “Zhuoling, I am really fine.

I dont need to go to the hospital for a checkup.

I am really not hurt at all.

Didnt you confirm it just now”

Han Zhuolings thin lips were tightly pursed.

The thin lip line that already appeared extremely strict at first when he was not laughing looked even more frightening now that it was tightly pursed.

After Shi Xiaoya spoke, silence was what greeted her.

Shi Xiaoya had thought that Han Zhuoling did not plan on replying to her when she heard Han Zhuoling say, “Dont talk to me right now.

I am very angry.”

Shi Xiaoya roughly knew what he was angry about, so she felt so guilty that she did not even dare to act cute and plead with him.

When they reached the hospital, Han Zhuoling brought Shi Xiaoya in to get a checkup.

He still did not talk to Shi Xiaoya the whole time they were there and just listened to Shi Xiaoya answer the doctors questions at the side.

When the examination results were out, Shi Xiaoya was confirmed to be fine, just that she had a bit of a bruise on her knee.

It was because when the car was being rammed into, the impact of the crashes caused her knee to knock against the car door, leaving a bit of a bruise behind, but it was not a big issue.

After repeatedly confirming that there were no other issues with Shi Xiaoya, the two of them then left the hospital.

They got into the car.

Shi Xiaoya lowered her head obediently and was about to fasten her seatbelt…

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