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It was Tang Zi who had always helped her cover-up and do her filial duty.

“Alright, in the future, if theres any news, I will try my best to give it to him.

You can ask him whether he has any interest in changing line and becoming a legitimate entertainment news reporter, even though its also tiring, at least it wont be as tiring as a paparazzi, requiring him to run around and stay awake at night just for a piece of news,” Han Zhuoli said, “If hes willing, he can go to Nan Ying.”

The Han Corporation did not have its own media department, but with Han Zhuoli and Nan Jinghengs relationship, Nan Ying always had a close partnership with Han Corporation.

Compared to a paparazzo, being an entertainment news reporter was more reputable, thus he would be able to stand tall, holding his head high while telling others about his profession.

Lu Man was pleasantly surprised, “Then Ill ask him.”

Lu Man instantly called Tang Zi.

“Tang Zi, have you been following any celebrity recently”

“Dont talk about it,” Tang Zis voice was hoarse, full of fatigue, “Before this, I heard some news that Wang Lulu is having an affair with a singer who became famous recently, but after following that for more than half a month, I have yet to find any actual evidence.

Since its been more than a month that I havent returned home, when my mom and dad called me they said that they almost forgot that they had me as a son.”

Lu Man could not help but smile, “Dont overwork yourself, follow the lead only if you can.

I have some guaranteed news for you, theres no need for you to follow anyone, when I tell you, all you need to do is have some people make a trip down there.”

Lu Man then told Tang Zi about how Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang tried to imprison her illegally.

“How are you now” Tang Zi instantly became nervous.

“Theres nothing wrong with me, otherwise, how could I give you a call.” Lu Man smiled.

“Theyre already in the police station, even if you go now, you cant film it.

But you can first send out the news, as to how you want to deal with it, you can decide for yourself, after all, you are the professional.”

“Youre trapping me again.” Tang Zi was helpless.

“Youre much more professional than me, you easily managed to push Du Lin back to the A-list position.”

“Theyll be held in prison for 15 days, at the time of their release, you can have some people wait for them at the door of the detention center,” Lu Man advised, “Dont do it yourself, this may not be successful so pass it to someone else and give yourself a break.”

“Alright, dont worry,” Tang Zi said loudly, “But what should I write for the reason they got held in prison I cant implicate you ”

“Even if you bring me into it, its alright, it can give me a wave of popularity,” At that moment, Lu Man exhibited her skills as a top public relations professional.

“Im going to act as the third female lead in Greedy Wolf Operationand I can take advantage of this to make myself known among the public and it will also help with the publicity for this movie, so its quite good for me.

When the news about Lu Qiyuan and his wife trying to imprison me illegally comes out, Ill be the victim, so it will be very easy for me to gain sympathy and pity from the majority of the people.”

“Alright, since youve said that, Ill do it that way!”

“Right, theres one more thing, do you plan on being a paparazzo your whole life Its too tiring and dangerous.”

“What else can I do I do want to become a legitimate reporter, but they all look down on my paparazzi status, no company is willing to have me.” Tang Zi sighed helplessly.

“As long as you have that thought, its alright! Big Brother Han said that if youre willing, hell let you enter Nan Ying as an entertainment reporter.”

“Really Wont it trouble you” Tang Zi hesitated.

“Its Big Brother Han himself came up with this, how could it trouble me Since you are interested, Ill tell him about it, then someone will contact you soon, just wait for a while.” As soon as Lu Man finished saying that, Han Zhuoli suddenly hugged her waist tighter.

This girl had a tone that completely treated him as someone close to her, making him elated.

Not caring that she was talking on the phone, he moved closer to her and kissed the corner of her lips.


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