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Chapter 2662: Shameless

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Take how he would often argue with the scriptwriter when discussing the storyline.

This did not actually affect their relationship, let alone cause them to hold grudges against each other.

What annoyed him the most was when a totally unprofessional person, who used their position for personal gain, criticized his work.

So, Wu Mosen truly could not swallow his anger towards Lian Qingyin.

Who knew that this would happen so coincidentally Montrealle actually took the initiative to call him.

In that case, Wu Mosen could not be blamed for speaking frankly with Montrealle.

“Were having some disagreements and are currently in a debate.

Louis has arrived.

He said hes here to replace Liliane,” Wu Mosen said.

“Thats right,” Montrealle said.

“Due to some reasons, we have no choice but to replace Liliane.

I know youve already started working together, so replacing one person now would mean youll have to figure out each others work style, and there will inevitably be some inconveniences right at the start.

This is so sudden, and I didnt even inform you beforehand… Please forgive me.”

Montrealle spoke very courteously, so Wu Mosen naturally spoke politely in return.

“Its fine.

We havent worked with Liliane for long anyway.

It wont affect us much even if we get a replacement now; we have yet to work together much.”

From one side, Lian Qingyin heard Wu Mosens words very clearly.

She stared fiercely at Wu Mosen.

If Wu Mosen had said that they were already working extremely well with Lian Qingyin and that they had built rapport, perhaps she still would have had a bit of a chance.

However, Wu Mosen had unexpectedly just said that she had not been working with them much and that it would not affect anything if they switched her out.

In that case, Montrealle truly would not hesitate at all.

“Director Wu, weve always had pleasant collaborations.

Are you saying such impertinent words just because we have differing opinions” Lian Qingyin said loudly.

She spoke this loudly on purpose.

She wanted to let Montrealle, who was on the other end of the call, hear her words clearly!

She wanted Montrealle to know that Wu Mosen was deliberately opposing her.

Wu Mosens expression suddenly darkened.

How could he possibly not figure out Lian Qingyins intentions

She actually interrupted him while he was in the middle of a call.

Wu Mosen was simply too polite.

He had not said anything when Lian Qingyin and Montrealle were conversing earlier.

With a dark expression, Wu Mosen walked a distance away.

Since Lian Qingyin was this shameless, he no longer needed to hold back out of consideration for her.

Wu Mosen said to Montrealle in a heavy tone, “Mr.

Montrealle, I totally had no intentions of telling you about this as I didnt want to seem petty.

However, due to what Lian Qingyin yelled earlier, I feel I must clarify the matter.

“Lian Qingyi used her position for personal gain.

Just because she wanted to target a makeup artist, she interfered with the scriptwriters and my decision,” Wu Mosen said coldly.

“That makeup artist has amazing abilities, but because Lian Qingyin has a personal grudge against the makeup artist, she does not want to allow the makeup artist to join the team.

This isnt actually a big issue, but she is interfering with my work.

For now, shes just interfering with selecting the makeup artist.

But what if she interferes with other matters in the future If we start out like this, we wont be able to continue working well later.

“Its precisely because Ive been thinking about all these that I am unwilling to agree to her request from the start.

Its because I just cant let her start out with us like this.

However, do you know what she said to me” Wu Mosen sneered.

“She actually said shes the person in charge over here, so whatever she says goes.

Whatever she says will be whatever happens.


Even I, the director, have to give in to her.

In all my years of directing, Ive never had anyone say such words to me directly..”

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