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Chapter 2652: Are You Suspecting Me

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Wu Mosen looked at the screenwriter with his head tilted.

“You really like Shi Xiaoyas design, dont you”

The screenwriter smiled.

“To be honest, although we still need to discuss to make the final decision, I have already made my decision to let Shi Xiaoya be in charge of the characters makeup design.

My vote is definitely for Shi Xiaoya.”

Wu Mosen smiled and nodded without saying anything.

Suddenly, they heard a “rip” sound; its the sound of tearing paper.

Then they saw Shi Xiaoyas face change.

Guo Yujie, who was beside Shi Xiaoya, turned red with anger.

Wu Mosen and the screenwriter turned their heads and saw Lian Qingyin taking a piece of drawing and tearing it.

There were still tattered pieces of the drawing in her hands.

The paper used was made for drawing design drafts, so it was thicker than normal paper.

The sound made when tearing it was also much louder.

“Miss Lian!” Wu Mosen called out with a deep voice.

“What are you doing”

“Since it needs to be different from the drawing, then its no use to leave the drawing lying around.

I tore it so that Shi Xiaoya wont be distracted and think about the design on this paper,” said Lian Qingyin.

This excuse was so hilarious that it could not convince anyone.

The screenwriter also started to get angry.

Lian Qingyin had crossed the line.

During the interviews of the people before Shi Xiaoya, Lian Qingyin herself said that she wanted to judge, but she did not even pay attention and was not even judging.

Nevermind that.

She had even been disturbing the interviewees.

She had walked around in the room, made phone calls, and ordered the assistant to do tasks.

Since she had no intention to judge, she should have left straight away and done the things she wanted to do.

But she had insisted on staying and disturbing the interviews.

Now, she was participating in the judging, but she was not even doing any real judging; she was just targeting Shi Xiaoya.

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But Shi Xiaoya was very good.

If Lian Qingyin was not causing trouble, then what was this

If the president of Men Xue were here, perhaps both Wu Mosen and him would not have been able to say anything.

But Lian Qingyin was only a representative.

He did not really care.

“Miss Lian,” said the screenwriter.

“Shi Xiaoyas design of the character of Yan Jiayin is completely in line with the design that I had in mind.

This makeup is very suitable.

If you change it, it may not be as suitable as the one now.”

Lian Qingyin said unhappily, “Are you suspecting me As a judge, I dont even have the right to test the interviewee with a question”

The screenwriter pouted and said sarcastically, “How can I suspect CEO Lian I simply think that this question is unsuitable to test Shi Xiaoya.

Besides, Director Wu and I are direct participants in the production of this movie; there is nobody who understands better than us whether the design of the character is suitable.

Since the current design is already good enough, it is unnecessary to test her more regarding this character.

Your request is unnecessary and time-wasting.”

Lian Qingyin was filled with rage.

“Arent you suspecting me”

The screenwriter smiled flatly, not even caring about Lian Qingyins rage.

“What I mean is that you can test Shi Xiaoya, but I have a more suitable question here.”

The screenwriter stopped looking at Lian Qingyin and said to Shi Xiaoya, “When the production crew contacted you and invited you for this interview, they gave you a question.

It was me who came up with this question, asking you to design the makeup according to the characters initial setup..

However, this is only the initial setup; as the story progresses, the characters design will naturally change as well.”

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