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Chapter 2641: Dont Keep Thinking That the Whole World Has to Give In to You

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Ling Xiaoen thought that that was true.

Shi Xiaoya had the Shi family and Han Zhuoling backing her up, so no matter what, she would not suffer that much disadvantage.

Even if that assistant gave Shi Xiaoya a bad attitude, no matter how bad it was, the worst result would just be that Shi Xiaoya would not manage to get selected.

If they were to really speak of being disadvantaged, there was really nothing much that would happen to her.

If Ling Xiaoen still did not leave now, she would not be able to make it in time for her work that was coming right after this.

So she could only say goodbye to Shi Xiaoya and say, “Okay, then I will wait for your result.”

“Sure.” Shi Xiaoya waved and sent Ling Xiaoen off with her gaze.

She and Guo Yujie then continued waiting there.

Finally, it was the last persons turn to be interviewed.

After that assistant called the last makeup artist in for the interview, she glanced at Shi Xiaoya.

She then hardened her face and said coldly, “Why are you still here”

Hearing her words, Guo Yujie felt really enraged.

What do you mean still here

Guo Yujie then said right then, “Why we are still here, would you not know We are just waiting here for a reply.”

What was this assistant playing dumb for!

They had just heard Ling Xiaoen say that this assistants attitude towards other people had been pretty good all around, and she only treated Shi Xiaoya with her nose turned up.

It made Guo Yujie angry.

People here knew that she was just an assistant.

People who did not know might even think that she was Wu Mosen!

That assistant seemed to have only remembered it right now and said, “Oh, I kept forgetting to tell you.

I went to ask the person-in-charge here previously.

She said that Director Wu is not free.

How perfect.

You didnt attend the interview, so there is more time for them to end early and start preparing for the work to be done afterward.”

That assistant rolled her eyes and said, “If we have the time to interview you, we might as well end earlier and go do other things.

So, you should just go back.”

“You already asked early on, so why didnt you tell us until now” Guo Yujie said angrily.

She even made them wait here for more than two hours.

Unexpectedly, that assistant just casually said, “I forgot.”

“What forgot, I think you might not even have asked!” Guo Yujie said furiously.

“Of course I asked,” the assistant said.

“The person-in-charge said that she just would not see you.

Its a fact that you came late.

If we let you make up for your interview, then we will be making an excuse for you.

If we dont let you make up for your interview, its in accordance with our rules.

“Why is it that when it comes to you, not letting you make up for it seems to be as if we committed some grave mistake and I became the one making things difficult for you” The assistant scoffed mockingly and said, “This is not your house, not everything revolves around you such that other people would have to listen to everything that you say.

Since you stepped out into society, dont keep thinking that the whole world has to give in to you.

There will surely be people who wont give in to you.”

“You!” Guo Yujie was incensed.

Shi Xiaoya quickly stopped Guo Yujie.

Guo Yujie was so incensed that she said to Shi Xiaoya, “This person is deliberately picking on you! I really dont understand.

We didnt know you at all before now, much less offended you in any way.

Why are you making things difficult for us”

“Woah, look at your logic.

If I dont agree to your request, I am the one making things difficult for you.” That assistant scoffed and said, “You really got pampered quite severely.”

Shi Xiaoya held Guo Yujie back and said plainly, “Its fine.

Anyway, Director Wu has to step out of this door sooner or later.

I will just keep waiting here until Director Wu comes out.

I will ask him myself whether he can give me a chance.

“I think that if I only take up 10 minutes of Director Wus time, he probably would not decline,” Shi Xiaoya said calmly.

When the assistant heard that, her expression indeed changed..

“Stop pestering us here!”

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