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Chapter 2639: Just Waste Her Time Like This

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If Lian Qingyin wanted to come, it would just be a matter of giving her another chair.

As for who exactly they would choose, Lian Qingyin did not have any say over it.

To put it plainly, Wu Mosens intention was to just pacify and play along with Lian Qingyin.

From the previous rounds of interviews, Lian Qingyin could also sense Wu Mosens intentions, but she did not mind.

Anyway, she did not intend to interfere with the selection process to begin with.

Those people previously, she felt extremely bored looking at them, so her heart was no longer on the interview.

She just needed to make sure that Shi Xiaoya would not be able to make it through.

The assistant scheduled every makeup artists interview timing properly and confirmed it before coming to tell Lian Qingyin about it.

Lian Qingyin naturally also took note of Shi Xiaoyas interview timing.

She knew that the opportunity this time would be very important to these makeup artists, and every one of them would definitely choose to arrive early.

So she found someone to keep an eye on Shi Xiaoya.

Indeed, on her journey there, she managed to hold Shi Xiaoya back.

The two cars that had crashed into Shi Xiaoyas car had indeed been sent by Lian Qingyin.

Just that, at this moment, Shi Xiaoya still did not know.

At this moment, that assistant came in and whispered Shi Xiaoyas request to Lian Qingyin.

Lian Qingyin did not expect that Shi Xiaoyas luck was actually so good that she actually still managed to arrive on time.

Just before, when the assistant had gone out to call names and Shi Xiaoya was not present after her name was called, Lian Qingyin had even felt extremely gleeful deep down.

She knew that the men she hired had probably succeeded.

Yet she did not expect that Shi Xiaoya would actually manage to rush over!

Now that Shi Xiaoya came over, it showed that the men she hired had failed.

Lian Qingyins expression changed.

She then remembered that her assistant was still waiting for her reply, so she said in a low voice, “You dont need to let her know of the outcome for now.

Just let her wait there.”

There were still some people behind, so Shi Xiaoya had to wait for another two to three hours at least.

Just waste her time like this.

“Understood,” the assistant replied and did not go out anymore.

Lian Qingyin glanced at Wu Mosen and quietly went to the toilet inside the room.

The men whom she had sent to attack Shi Xiaoya were definitely not hired by her personally.

She was not so stupid.

What if they failed, and then those two people got caught and ratted her out

So Lian Qingyin had contacted an organization that served as an agency of sorts.

She went through many rounds before she managed to contact those two people.

This agency-like organization accepted all kinds of requests from their clients.

As long as they could do it, they would quote a price based on the difficulty level of the mission to be accomplished.

And this organization even had a very simple and straightforward name.

It was called Black Market.

Black Market actually did not have contracted mercenaries in its organization.

Black Market owned a series of name lists and contacts internally.

After accepting a mission from the client, based on the details of the mission, they would find the most suitable people to carry out the mission and then contact those people.

Those people were not employees of the Black Market organization.

They just left their contacts with Black Market so that it would be easier for them to receive jobs.

Black Market was also very reliable to a certain extent.

The people they contacted would be able to successfully carry out their missions very well.

It was precisely because of this that Black Market had earned its reputation.

This was akin to providing great convenience for some clandestine matters.

Many people wanted to do some things, but they could not find any means or people to accomplish their goals.

Black Market grew out of this demand and became a path of convenience for these people.

You did not need to engage any kind of secret gang or some gangsters off the streets, and you did not need to bear any risk of being found out.

You did not need to fear that you would provoke people who were bloodthirsty and end up suffering yourself.

There was no need to worry about all of these.

All you needed to do was to contact Black Market.

Black Market would not ask for your identity and would definitely keep it a secret for you, and they could even find the most suitable people to carry out your task for you..

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