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Chapter 2631: Connections and Backing, Can Theirs Be as Great as Yours

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Previously, in Lu Mans case, wasnt it all thanks to Xiao Guo as well

Seeing the benefits from Han Zhuoli taking precautionary measures, Han Zhuoling also felt that it was good to do so.

Without needing to be the driver, Guo Yujie then sat in a more carefree manner at the back to chat with Shi Xiaoya.

“I asked around about the makeup artists who also signed up to come for the competition this time around.

Almost all the famous makeup artists in the industry who had the time all came to sign up,” Guo Yujie said.

“Director Wus film is a rare opportunity.

There will surely be many people coming forward to compete.” Shi Xiaoya had expected it.

She opened her bag and took out a kraft paper envelope file folder.

When she opened the folder, it was filled with a pile of makeup portraits that she had drawn.

She drew some makeup styles based on the brief description of the characters provided by the production crew.

Shi Xiaoya majored in Fine Arts when she was in university.

The color matching involved in makeup and that of oil painting were different forms of art rendered with similar skills.

But she decided to choose this profession and then go on to learn how to do makeup on her own.

So drawing character makeup design portraits was like an easy drive on a familiar path.

True, she would need to draw on the spot when she went there and explain the concept behind her own designs.

But showing the drawings to the director while explaining to him would give a better visual effect.

For a film production crew like this, they naturally could not have only one makeup artist.

One makeup artist would have to be in charge of a few, and perhaps they might only be in charge of just one actor or actress.

For example, the male and female leads would definitely need personal makeup artists to be in charge of their makeup.

As for supporting characters who did not have as many scenes, they might share one makeup artist with some others.

Shi Xiaoya naturally hoped that she would get the chance to be the makeup artist for the lead character.

In this way, there would be more space and chances to get creative.

After all, the main leads have many scenes, so they would have many changes to their makeup too.

Although she did not know the full script now, she knew that Wu Mosens stories were always very deeply layered and contained many changes.

Based on the way the plot progresses and changes, there would have to be changes to the makeup of the characters as well, which presented a challenge that really excited Shi Xiaoya.

And they might even need to use special effects makeup.

Shi Xiaoyas fine arts background would be put to good use in this aspect.

Shi Xiaoya did not just draw the makeup portraits for the main leads and the main supporting characters, she also drew some portraits for some other insignificant supporting characters.

She had already thought through it.

Perhaps she might not be able to get the role of being the lead characters makeup artist.

Accidents were bound to happen in every situation.

What if she did not even manage to get the role of a makeup artist for the main supporting characters

She had to show her sincerity to the director first.

If she wanted more chances, she had to put in more effort and present even greater sincerity and hard work.

“You already drew them and looked through them so many times repeatedly.

Why are you still looking at them” Guo Yujie asked.

“Ill just take a look at them again, in case there are some parts that can be adjusted or if I get other kinds of inspiration,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“You, girl, should relax a bit.

Dont tense yourself up so much,” Guo Yujie persuaded her.

“To be honest, there really arent that many people who are on par with you in the makeup industry.

I can count with just one hand; theyre the same few, and they are at most just on par with you.

“Theres no one who can win against you based on a distinct gap in skill, unless someone pulled strings and secretly took up a spot.

But to be honest, if we really want to talk about connections and backing, can theirs be as great as yours” Guo Yujie said as she laughed.

“Theres Young Master Ling,” Guo Yujie said.

“But I know you want to compete fairly and never asked Young Master Ling for a spot in this.”

If not, Shi Xiaoya would not need to stay up for nights to produce these makeup portraits..

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