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Chapter 2630: Compete

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On this day, Shi Xiaoya brought Guo Yujie along to go to an interview.

It was for a new film that would be directed by an internationally acclaimed director in the country, Wu Mosen.

He had directed many films in Hollywood before, and the responses to it were extremely positive.

One of his films even won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture—Drama, as well as a nomination for the Oscars.

For the film that he was directing in the country this time round, the actors he would be hiring would mostly be domestic actors.

There were a few other foreign actors, but they were not very well known and could only be considered to be B- or C-list actors in terms of international reputation.

But a famous director like Wu Mosen really did not care whether the actors had a comparable level of reputation or not.

On the contrary, using newcomer actors might actually create effects beyond his imagination.

So for each of his films, there would be A-listers, internationally-acclaimed actors, as well as those who were still studying in school, or those lucky few who had just graduated from school.

Every actor that had acted in Wu Mosens film, whether they had already been famous or not, would all receive extremely huge benefits.

As for actors who were already famous and whose careers had already reached a peak, it would not be easy for them to advance even further.

But they could always rely on Wu Mosens productions to reach a greater peak in their careers, and they would be able to bag numerous awards from both domestic and international film festivals.

Newcomer actors, meanwhile, would receive widespread attention and shoot to stardom instantly just because of that one film by Wu Mosen that they had acted in.

It showed how high Wu Mosens standard was.

Many directors, even if they were the cream of the crop in the country, would all have a few trashy films.

It was only Wu Mosen who did not have a single failed production yet.

Rumor had it that this film was aiming to clinch the Oscar Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.

Based on what Lu Man said, if not because she was pregnant, she would also have wanted to audition for the film to see if she could get chosen.

But because of her pregnancy, she could only dispel that thought.

Since Wu Mosen was going to shoot a film, he naturally needed to hire makeup artists.

This was a rare film by a domestic director, yet it would lay a good path for them to walk towards the international stage.

The makeup artists in the country had the heart to step up on the international stage, but they did not have the means to.

The competition was already intense enough outside.

Foreigners like them would surely be ostracized even more.

Hence, the moment news that Wu Mosens film was hiring makeup artists went out, no matter what their capabilities were like, whether they had the confidence for the job or not, and even if they just wanted to try their luck, they thought, what if they got lucky and managed to get chosen

Among the big team of makeup artists that were interviewing for the job, at least two thirds of them had such a mentality.

Of course, there were quite a few people like Shi Xiaoya who really had the capability.

So, the competition was extremely intense.

Shi Xiaoya brought Guo Yujie along according to the time that had been arranged.

She was even worried that there might be a traffic jam or some accident along the way, so Shi Xiaoya had specifically set off another hour in advance for a journey that would only take around an hour.

So she set off two hours in advance.

If she arrived early, she would rather wait a while longer there than be late.

In the past, it had always been Guo Yujie taking on the role of the driver as well.

But afterward, because she had gone to the US previously, Han Zhuoling had found a driver, Xiao Yu, for Shi Xiaoya to make it more convenient for her to go to work there.

After they came back, Han Zhuoling felt that this addition would make it quite convenient for Shi Xiaoya to go to work.

And Xiao Yu and Xiao Zhang, as well as Han Zhuolis driver Xiao Chen and Lu Mans driver Xiao Guo, were the same.

They had all received professional training and were not like average drivers.

Anyway, Han Zhuoling felt that in this way, Shi Xiaoyas safety would be safeguarded better.

It was better to be safe than sorry.

It was best if nothing happened, but if something really happened, Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie were just two ladies on their own.

With Xiao Yu around, he could feel assured..

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