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Chapter 2628: Your Conscience Has Been Eaten Up by a Dog

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Dong Fuyu stared at Lian Shitao in shock.

He was actually so serious about it!

“And since you feel so bad for her and want to help her, since your relationship with Lian Qingyin is more important than our whole familys safety, then you should just get out and live with her.

Dont stay in this home,” Lian Shitao said coldly.

Dong Fuyu felt like an animal that got its tail stepped on and suddenly shrieked in a piercing voice, “Since you dont want to let me stay at home, are you thinking of divorcing me”

Lian Shitao really did not think of that at first, yet Dong Fuyu reminded him about it.

So he just nodded.


If you go and see Lian Qingyin behind my back and get convinced by her to go and do something, I will divorce you.

Id rather divorce you and take it as if I dont have this daughter than lose my Lian family.

Our family business has been passed down to me from the generations before me.

I cant let it go to ruins just because of my wife and daughter.”

Dong Fuyu was so livid that her eyes reddened and turned bloodshot.

“Lian Shitao! Ive been married to you for over thirty years, yet now you want to divorce me the moment you say it!”

“I told you, I cant let the Lian family come to ruin at my hands.

As long as you dont go and see Lian Qingyin and then provoke the Han Family and Shi Xiaoya because of her, of course I wont need to divorce you.

And I wont give a single cent less of the allowance I give you,” Lian Shitao said.

He could be said to have made it very clear and comprehensive, not leaving a single loophole for her to find at all.

He had especially singled out Shi Xiaoyas name as well.

It was precisely because he wanted to prevent Lian Qingyin from instigating Dong Fuyu to find loopholes in his words.

Even if she did not go and find trouble with Han Zhuoling, she could go and find trouble with Shi Xiaoya, which would fulfill Lian Qingyins intentions.

When Dong Fuyu heard that, she finally calmed down a little.

She then heard Lian Shitao say, “On the other hand, if you can also help me to stop her and prevent her from getting close to the Han Family or Shi Xiaoya, I will even reward you.”

When Dong Fuyu heard that, she scoffed and said, “You are treating me like your subordinate, coercing me with threats and tempting me with benefits.”

Lian Shitao nodded.

“You can understand it that way too, depends on whether you agree or not.

If you dont agree, then tomorrow morning, we will go and sign the divorce papers.

After we divorce, if you want to help Lian Qingyin, youre free to do so.”

“You!” Dong Fuyu shouted furiously.

“Lian Shitao, your conscience has been eaten up by a dog! I married you, worked so hard to manage the family, and raise our child.

Yet this is how you treat me now! You have the cheek to tell me off Ever since we got married until now, when have you ever cared about family matters All you care about in your heart is your family business!”

“That is true.” Lian Shitao nodded and did not rebut her at all.

He admitted it so quickly, which left Dong Fuyu at a loss of words.

She had a whole load of injustice and complaints, but it got stuck right in her chest, unable to come out.

“I said it just now.

In the past, its because I totally didnt do my part in educating Lian Qingyin that she turned out like this, so I have no right to blame you,” Lian Shitao said.

“And compared to the two of you, I indeed value the Lian family more.

After all, this is the business that my ancestors had passed down.

“And its only if the Lian family is doing well that you two can do well.

Its precisely because the Lian family is doing well that you have the confidence to fight with other people and can live so fearlessly and boldly, isnt it” Lian Shitao said.

What he said was the truth.

Dong Fuyu only needed to think about it for a bit and she would admit to it.

She knew that if this happened to other people, other people would definitely also prioritize their family business.

It was not just Lian Shitao.

It was the same for the Dong family.

They would not consider it at all.

Of course they would prioritize their familys interests..

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