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Chapter 2624: Do They Still Want to Be Reasonable

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Han Zhuoling continued, “But I can leave the Lian family out.”

“Alright, that will be fine.” Lian Shitao wiped his face and stood up.

“Sorry to disturb you.”

Han Zhuolings face was blank.

Lin Liye did not care.

She believed that Han Zhuoling knew where his limit was.

Lian Shitao walked out with a hunched back.

He did not think that Lian Qingyin would provoke Han Zhuoling.

Everything was good until yesterday.

Today, suddenly, something this big happened, and he felt that his life had turned dark.

Lian Shitao returned to his car.

Obviously, he would not give up on Lian Qingyin so easily.

After all, she was his daughter.

Of course, he would have to watch over her and make sure that she did not dig her own grave.

But he was afraid that he could not watch over her.

So he went to talk to Han Zhuoling beforehand.

He believed that Han Zhuoling would keep his promise.

When Lian Shitao reached home, he heard voices in the living room.

As he listened closely, he recognized that they were the voices of Lian Qingyin and Dong Fuyu.

Lian Shitao was about to burst in anger.

He changed his shoes and strode into the living room.

He heard Dong Fuyu say, “This is too much! Do they still want to be reasonable”

Lian Qingyin was sitting on the couch with an expression that seemed to be saying that she was very much hurt.

“What are you guys talking about” asked Lian Shitao coldly.

Dong Fuyu had always spoiled Lian Qingyin since she was young.

She would not scold her, not to mention hit her.

She would immediately fulfill Lian Qingyins desires.

Children would always quarrel and fight with people of the same age, and every time such things happened, Dong Fuyu would always think that it was other peoples fault; Lian Qingyin would never be in the wrong.

She had always been protecting Lian Qingyin.

Lian Shitao was too lazy to care.

He was busy with work and did not have the time, nor was he willing, to care about these trifles.

He admitted that he thought it was annoying.

He was already busy with work, so he did not want to handle these trivial family matters.

He gave this family more than what they needed.

There were maids and workers at home.

Pressures that were faced by most wives were not faced by Dong Fuyu.

She only needed to spend time with her kids and pay attention to her kids lives and education.

She did not need to do any real work.

So Lian Shitao thought that it was pretty easy.

He was already so busy; it would not make sense for Dong Fuyu to do nothing at home.

Because of this, he left everything regarding teaching Lian Qingyin to Dong Fuyu.

But Dong Fuyu was an unreasonable person and was overprotective.

Once Lian Qingyin grew older, Lian Shitao found out that Lian Qingyins personality was not great as well.

Although he did not like it, he did not think of it as a big deal.

Because he still could not be bothered to care about these and was not willing to handle these trivial family matters.

Furthermore, thinking about it, he thought that it was not a big deal.

Their family was rich, so they could handle Lian Qingyins recklessness.

Whenever Lian Qingyin argued with other kids and became unhappy, it was not a big deal.

If something really happened, their family was able to protect her.

So he did not care all this while.

In the end, Lian Qingyin grew up in this environment.

Dong Fuyu was still overprotective and unreasonable.

Whatever Lian Qingyin said and did was right to her.

And because of this, Lian Qingyins personality became more paranoid.

She also thought that whatever she did and said was right.

Because whatever she did, Dong Fuyu would tell her that she was right.

If she argued with others, Dong Fuyu always took her side.

It had been this way since she was in kindergarten.

Whenever she fought with other kids in kindergarten, the parents were called.

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