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Chapter 2622: Stop

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After saying that, Lian Qingyin got out of the car.

She then got into her own car and drove away.

Lian Shitao was so enraged that he sucked in a deep breath.

He was really afraid that Lian Qingyin would do something to provoke Han Zhuoling, and then implicate his whole family.

Lian Shitao wiped his face.

For his family, he got out of the car again.

He did not go and chase after Lian Qingyin but went to Han Zhuolings house.

Seeing that Lian Shitao came back, Lin Liye was also very shocked.

Because of Lian Qingyin, Lin Liye did not treat Lian Shitao politely either.

She knew deep down that since she did not know him well, she should not take out her anger on him, that Lian Shitao might be someone who was reasonable and who did not know what Lian Qingyin had done.

However, because Lian Qingyin was his daughter, Lin Liye still could not help blaming Lian Shitao as well.

When she saw him again, Auntie Liu also did not dare to let him enter just like that.

Lin Liye asked plainly, “CEO Lian, do you still have something to say”


Han.” Lian Shitao looked lethargic.

Lin Liye saw that though he still looked fine just before, something must have happened to him within such a short span of time.

But indeed, with a daughter like Lian Qingyin, anyone would feel tired.

“Young Master Ling.” Seeing Han Zhuoling come to the gate as well, Lian Shitao said, “May I go in to talk about it”

Lin Liye turned to look at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

Hence, Lian Shitao got invited in once more.

When Lian Shitao thought of what he was about to say, he really did not have the strength to continue standing up.

So he did not care about being polite at all and just sat down before waiting for the other party to ask him to speak.

But seeing how drained he look and how heavily he had sat down, no one said anything about it.

Lin Liye, Han Zhuoling, and Shi Xiaoya all sat down as well.

Lin Liye asked, “What do you want to say”

Her tone was normal, and it did not sound as stiff as it did when she was at the gate.

Lian Shitao wiped his face and said, “I scolded Lian Qingyin just now when I was outside, but…”

Lin Liye scoffed and said, “But she didnt listen, right Did she say that if Xiaoya wasnt around, Zhuoling would definitely not treat her like that Did she say that she did not do anything that went overboard, that she was really aggrieved”

Lian Shitao: “…”

Everything he wanted to say had been said by Lin Liye.

Seeing the stunned look on his face, Lin Liye laughed sarcastically.

“Did you want to ask how I know all these Looks like I was right.

Because earlier on, when Lian Qingyin spoke to us, she also said similar things.

That she didnt do anything bad, why should we dislike her She said that Zhuoling only said he didnt like her and was irritated by her because Xiaoya was around.

That was why Zhuoling did not dare to say the truth.

Its also because Xiaoya talked bad about her to me, thats why I dont like her.

“But even if Xiaoya isnt around, Zhuoling will still be disgusted by her.

Ever since she appeared, Xiaoya hadnt mentioned a single thing about her at all to us.

She really knows how to think highly of herself.

Xiaoya and Zhuolings relationship is so good.

Aside from Xiaoya, Zhuoling wouldnt give any other woman a good attitude.

Who does Lian Qingyin think she is Is she even worth Xiaoya treating her like an issue and having to talk bad about her behind her back”

They were talking about his own daughter, after all.

Upon hearing Lin Liye say that, Lian Shitao felt very uncomfortable.

His expression was stiff.

But why would Lin Liye care about his feelings She continued, “I said all these because I want to let you know, Zhuoling and Xiaoya are getting along very well.

No one should think about ruining their relationship, and theres no chance for her to intervene in it.

So you go back and tell Lian Qingyin to give up her fat hope soon.

If not, our family will take action!”

Lian Shitao said somberly, “I will definitely do all that I can to stop her..


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