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Chapter 2617: This Troublesome Woman

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But how would Lian Qingyin be in the mood to answer him Her whole heart was now filled with Han Zhuoling.

She stared at him in a lovestruck manner.

Han Zhuoling was utterly disgusted by that gaze of hers and said coldly, “Its because she doesnt think of you at all, and she doesnt need to think of you.”

Lian Qingyin finally regained her senses and heard Han Zhuoling say, “Because you, along with any other woman, dont pose a threat to her.

She doesnt need to worry at all that I will say a few more words to whoever, because I dont even want to say a single word.

“As for you, I dont even want to look at you.

If not because youre pestering us so obsessively that its disgusting, I wont even tell you all these things.

Just talking to you makes me feel disgusted.

“Compared to Xiaoya, you are nothing.

Are you even worthy of criticizing her And all those criticisms are just your own imagination.

You are not even worthy of her giving you a look and of being treated seriously by her,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

“No, youre lying to me!” Lian Qingyin was bent on believing her own logic.

No matter what Han Zhuoling said, she refused to believe it.

“Its just because Shi Xiaoya is here, thats why you refuse to say the truth.

I know, I know all of it!

“Dont worry, whatever you say right now, I wont believe a single word of it.” Lian Qingyin looked a little crazy as she started smiling in a gentle manner at Han Zhuoling.

Lin Liye: “…”

Was this person crazy!

“Tell me, do you not understand human language” Lin Liye was fuming.

“I have never met someone as shameless yet arrogant as you.

Youre a lady, yet you woo a man to the extent of coming to his parents house.

Zhuoling already said that he doesnt like you and doesnt even remember you, yet you still stubbornly refuse to believe it.

“No matter what we say, you dont believe it.

Only your own thoughts are true.

Then what else is there to talk about” Lin Liye scoffed and said, “Its not just Zhuoling who doesnt like you.

Even I cant stand you.

You want to be my daughter-in-law Dream on!

“You wont be able to get past Zhuoling, and neither will you be able to get past me.

You dont believe what Zhuoling says and keep thinking that hes just saying that because Xiaoya is here” Lin Liye said coldly.

At first, she was clueless, so she had still treated Lian Qingyin quite politely.

Now, she truly felt that there was a screw loose in Lian Qingyins mind, and she did not intend to be polite to Lian Qingyin at all.

This woman, if you treated her politely, she would just get worse.

If you told her the truth, she would not believe you.

There was really no reason to speak of with such a person.

So, Lin Liye decided not to be reasonable anymore.

She did not want to give Lian Qingyin face at all and said, “The daughter-in-law that I acknowledge will only be Xiaoya.

As for a woman like you, you can forget about stepping past my Han Familys door for the rest of your life.”

Lian Qingyin lowered her head, disguising the hatred in her eyes.

She was afraid that the moment she looked up, she would let them see that she looked like she wanted to kill Lin Liye.

Han Zhuoling said he did not like her, but she could blame it on Shi Xiaoya.

But Lin Liye did not need to consider the feelings of anyone else.

If she said she did not like her, she was expressing her own thoughts.

And as Han Zhuolings mother, as long as she did not give consent, Han Zhuoling would not be able to go against her wishes.

This troublesome woman!

When she looked up again, Lian Qingyin had already hidden her earlier vicious gaze.

Her face paled as she stared at Lin Liye pitifully.

“Auntie, you might have some misunderstanding about me.

If not… you must have heard someone talk bad about me..” As Lian Qingyin said that, she side-eyed Shi Xiaoya again.

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