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Chapter 2606: Why Are You So Selfish

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Shi Xiaoya felt grossed out.

How would they eat now

Initially, everything was great and she had wanted to eat barbecue.

However, the moment she saw Lian Qingyin, she lost her appetite.

“Let us go to another restaurant,” Shi Xiaoya said to Han Zhuoling.

They did not own the restaurant, so they could not kick Lian Qingyin out.

Yet Lian Qingyin actually had a facial expression that seemed to be saying, “What a coincidence!” The moment Shi Xiaoya finished her words, she spoke.

“Zhuoling, I cant believe that you are here! Such a coincidence.”

Lian Qingyin stood up and took the seat beside Han Zhuoling before saying, “Lets eat together, shall we”

Han Zhuoling stood up.

His face darkened and it looked terrifying.

Lian Qingyin shivered internally.

She was scared of the way Han Zhuoling looked.

However, she thought more about how handsome he looked even when enraged.

At this moment, Lian Qingyin looked at Han Zhuolingan with an expression that seemed to be saying that she was wronged by him.

She just wanted to eat with him.

How could he be so fierce

She did not do anything wrong.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt bear it anymore as she said, “Miss Lian, please have some self-respect.”

Lian Qingyin blinked in astonishment.

“What did I do Why did you tell me to have some self-respect What did I do wrong now”

“You are not welcomed here with us,” Shi Xiaoya said coldly.

“We did not invite you to dine with us at the same table.

You followed us to this restaurant, but we cannot do anything about that.

Since we do not own the restaurant and we did not build the road, we cant control which restaurant you go to or which road you drove on.”

The corner of Lian Qingyins mouth curved up slightly as she felt proud of herself.

Indeed, she had the nerve to follow them blatantly and even sit at the table next to theirs because she knew that they would not be able to do anything about it.

She had thought this through.

If Shi Xiaoya could not tolerate her behavior anymore and asked her to stop following them…

She could say that the road belonged to everyone and that Shi Xiaoya had no right to tell her which road she should be on.

If Shi Xiaoya told her not to eat here, she had a good argument prepared as well.

She could say that they did not own the restaurant and had no right to control her choice of restaurant.

Yet, unexpectedly, Shi Xiaoya said those words, saving her the trouble of uttering them.

Therefore, Lian Qingyin said proudly, “I am glad you know.”

Shi Xiaoya felt so angry that she started laughing.

“It is true that we cannot control all those things.

However, we are the ones dining at this table.

We do not welcome you joining this table, so please leave it.”

Lian Qingyin showed an expression that said, “How can you be so unreasonable” At the same time, she said, “How can you be like this I just wanted to eat here and you wont let me How can you be so selfish!”

Lian Qingyin looked over at Han Zhuoling and said, “Zhuoling, how can you like a woman like this”

“She is right,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

“You have been shamelessly calling me Zhuoling and grossing me out to the point that I cant even eat.

We did not invite you over to our table to eat with us.

Go eat at another table.

We dont care which.

Just dont stay here and be an eyesore.

“Also, who I like has nothing to do with you.

Who are you to judge Xiaoya You cant even be compared to a strand of her hair.”

Lian Qingyin could not believe what she had just heard.

She shook her head and said in pain, “How… can you say that I just wanted to eat with you.”

Han Zhuoling refused to waste any more words on her.

He called the waiter over and said as he pointed at Lian Qingyin, “This person keeps harassing us.

Is your restaurant not going to do anything about this”

The waiter hastily apologized to Han Zhuoling and quickly said to Lian Qingyin, “Dear customer, if you did not come with them, please return to your table..”

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