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Chapter 2598: Stop Moving

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He must have seen everything, right

Shi Xiaoyas face instantly bloomed red.

“Secretary Tong is still outside.”

She could hear Han Zhuolings laughter sounding beside her ear again.

He hooked a hand around her waist and moved a step back, pulling her into the room and closing the door with the other hand.

Immediately, he pushed Shi Xiaoya against the door.

Because it was summer, she was wearing a thin shirt.

In addition, the air conditioner in the office was on as well.

The cold wind from the air conditioner had been blowing on the wooden door, causing it to become cold as well.

As her back was pressed against the door, its coldness immediately seeped through her shirt.

She could feel the chills spreading to her skin and into her bones.

Before she could even stand still, Han Zhuoling had grabbed her waist and lifted her up.

He had pushed her back towards the cold door.

As a result, she had no choice but to hold on to his shoulders.

Although she knew that he would keep her secured, she still subconsciously held on to his shoulders.

Whenever he lifted her up to his height, Shi Xiaoya would always experience a different line of sight.

So, this was the view of a tall person.

The view distracted her slightly, causing Han Zhuoling to pinch her on the waist.

To be honest, it did not hurt.

But she was so surprised that she groaned.

The moment she did that, she regretted it because she remembered that there were people outside.

Tong Chunian was not the only employee outside.

There were other employees who often passed by this door.

If those people heard her, they would think that they were doing something naughty in the office!

Shi Xiaoya immediately tried to cover her mouth.

But who would have expected Han Zhuolings mouth to move even faster than her hands

He blocked her mouth with his mouth.

This movement synchronized with the time when Shi Xiaoya had lifted her hand to cover her mouth.

And so, her hands touched his face instead.

With this, she ended up holding Han Zhuolings face with both hands.

The tip of Shi Xiaoyas fingers tingled slightly when she touched his face.

Still, she continued holding and touching his face.

She maintained that position until Han Zhuolings kiss became deeper.

She subconsciously released her grip, moving her hands down so that she could hold his neck tightly.

Han Zhuoling held her waist tightly with his arms.

Her feet were in the air.

Her back was pressing against the door.

The temperature of the door had increased due to her back.

In fact, the door felt burning hot.

Han Zhuoling embraced her closely around her chest.

He knew that he could not do anything to her in this office.

After all, there were still many people outside.

If he did too much in here, Shi Xiaoya would blame him.

It would be inconvenient if they had to constantly be mindful of the movements outside this door.

And so, Han Zhuoling could only satisfy his thirst with a deep kiss.

After he had complained about the kidney pain yesterday, he went home and did the deed with Shi Xiaoya.

He wanted to prove to her that it was extremely important for a man to have good kidneys.

He had had such satisfying fun last night, yet he still wanted more fun today.

He hooked Shi Xiaoyas waist, pressing her body more closely into the curve of his body.

Feeling some pain from something hard, Shi Xiaoya moved away, subconsciously squirming.

As she moved, Han Zhuoling struggled even more.

Yet Shi Xiaoya was still moving as she felt her body getting hotter and hotter while feeling more and more uncomfortable from that hard something.

“Stop moving,” Han Zhuoling whispered.

He didnt want to move away from her lips, so he had bit on her lip as he whispered.

Shi Xiaoya knew what was making her feel sore and uncomfortable.

She knew him very well.The moment she sensed the protruding hard thing, she knew what it was.

“We are in the office,” Shi Xiaoya said in surprise.

“I know.

It is not convenient here.

I wont do it here,” Han Zhuoling whispered.

Although he said that, he couldnt help but stick closer and closer to Shi Xiaoyas body.

As it continued, he felt himself losing all of his endurance.

It was fine in the beginning..

He had thought he could endure it.

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