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Chapter 2592: Snatched Her Man

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She did not expect herself to be so lucky as to see Han Zhuoling the moment she walked over.

She also did not expect that a woman would be walking beside Han Zhuoling!!

When Lian Qingyin saw how close they were physically, she felt as though her insides froze.

This hot summer night felt like a cold winter night.

However, if Lian Qingyin could give up so quickly, she wouldnt be Lian Qingyin.

Even when Han Zhuoling had gotten married, Lian Qingyin could not move on from Han Zhuoling.

Besides, this was just a girlfriend.

She did not hear any news of Han Zhuoling remarrying.

Therefore, Lian Qingyin had established that Shi Xiaoya was just a girlfriend.

As long as he was single and not married, there was still a chance for her.

A good hoe can dig any cornerstone.

However, she still couldnt help ignoring Shi Xiaoya.

It was true that she didnt care whether Han Zhuoling had a girlfriend and that she was still determined to snatch him back.

It was impossible for her to pretend as though she had no ill-feeling towards Shi Xiaoya.

After all, this woman had snatched her man away!

She had liked Han Zhuoling since junior high, but Han Zhuoling was acting nonchalantly towards girls even then.

There were many girls who gave him love letters.

Han Zhuoling would never respond harshly or ungallantly, but he had never accepted any of the love letters.

He had always said sorry in a cold tone and walked away.

Those who had wanted to win his favor would bring him water during his exercise or bring him snacks during class time.

But Han Zhuoling would never take anything.

In fact, he had never even looked at those gifts.

Eventually, due to this cold treatment, all the girls gave up.

Back then, she had observed for a very long time but never had the courage to confess her feelings.

Back then, she had also thought that she was young.

Even if love blossomed out of her confession, the love would never last long enough.

However, she really did like Han Zhuoling.

She wanted to be with Han Zhuoling for a long time and did not want any accidents occurring that would result in a breakup.

She did not want anything to happen that might result in them not being able to get back together if a breakup had occurred.

To be honest, these were just Lian Qingyins excuses.

It was really because Han Zhuoling did not like her.

There were no two ways about it.

If Han Zhuoling really liked her, would Lian Qingyin still have had such thoughts back then

Regardless, Lian Qingyin did not want to talk to Shi Xiaoya at all.

She just wanted to pretend as though Shi Xiaoya did not exist.

Yet, because of this, her thoughts and feelings were exposed.

Shi Xiaoya, who appeared to have not noticed the strange behavior, asked, “Miss Lian, why are you here”

Why was she coincidentally here at the house of the Han Family

Lian Qingyin smiled as she explained, “My grandparents live close by.

I came to see them.

I did not expect to see Zhuoling when I am about to leave.”

Shi Xiaoya threw a glance at Han Zhuoling as she thought to herself, “Calling him by his name multiple times.

Does she think she is close to Han Zhuoling”

Han Zhuoling did not care about how Lian Qingyin was calling him.

He responded coldly, “Then let us get out of your way.

Miss Lian, excuse us.”

Lian Qingying smiled and said, “Zhuoling, why are you treating me like an outsider We are old schoolmates.

You dont have to sound too aloof.

I called you Zhuoling, but you called me Miss Lian.

This sounds awkward.”

Han Zhuoling then said, “You can call me Mr.

Han as well.

Then it wont be awkward.”

Lian Qingyin was at a loss for words.

Still, Lian Qingyin was not scared of any embarrassment.

She smiled and said, “Why dont you call me Qingying We are old schoolmates.

It would be too polite if we still refer to each other as miss and mister.”

Usually, at this point, no one would say no.

Yet Lian Qingyin did not expect that Han Zhuoling would pretend as though he had never heard what she said.

He just responded, “Its late.

Miss Lian, goodbye..”

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