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Chapter 2586: You Rascal

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“Im sure it wont be so exaggerated.

And even if I get cravings, it wouldnt be this early,” Lu Man said.

As the two of them chatted, under Han Zhuolis normal speed, they finally reached the family home.

The moment they entered the entrance foyer, Shen Nuo and Lin Liye came over once again to welcome them.

Lu Man quickly greeted them.

“How do you feel Do you feel tired” Old Mrs.

Han asked in a caring manner.

“Grandma, why are you behaving like Zhuoli, being overly anxious Im totally fine now and feel just like I do normally,” Lu Man said.

Old Mrs.

Han smiled and said, “This is the first baby for our family in your generation.

Aiyo, Im so happy.”

“Quick, come in.” When Old Mrs.

Han saw that Lu Man had already changed her shoes, she pulled Lu Mans hand along as she walked to the living room and left Han Zhuoli behind.

Han Zhuoli could only follow after them helplessly and hold Lu Mans other hand, not letting go no matter what.

“Grandma, its fine if you want to walk together with Man Man, but you cant separate me from her.”

“You rascal!” Old Mrs.

Han jokingly chided, but she stopped holding on to Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli finally walked together with Lu Man contentedly.

Lu Man felt embarrassed due to their banter.

But she also wanted to sit together with Han Zhuoli.

After she regained consciousness from her coma, she did not want to be far away from him anymore.

As long as she stayed close to him, she would feel very secure.

“Quick, tell me, why did you two think of going to the hospital to get a checkup” Old Mrs.

Han asked curiously.

Because she was too happy, she was curious about everything related to Lu Mans pregnancy.

Han Zhuoli smiled and explained, “Actually, the two of us had not known either.

Its just that after the school anniversary ended, we went with Old Chu and the others to have dinner.

In the end, Man Man suddenly did not feel like eating the dishes she normally liked to eat, and she could constantly taste a fishy taste when I and the others could not taste it.

It was Song Yu who reminded us that it might be possible that she is pregnant, so there were changes to her taste buds.

“So we all went to the hospital for a checkup,” Han Zhuoli said.

“No wonder there was so much buzz online, saying that the people from our families all turned up at Chu Tian Hospital.” Lin Liye laughed and said, “We finally know why now.”

Thinking of that scene now, Lu Man was not surprised that the netizens were awestruck.

She also did not expect that though she just went to get a pregnancy checkup, it had kicked up such a huge fuss.

“Oh, right, in the first three months of your pregnancy, we have to keep it a secret first and cant tell outsiders about this.

Because there has always been a saying that the first trimester is the most unstable period.

If you reveal it too early, it will scare the baby in your womb.

So its only after the first trimester, once the fetus is stable, that you can announce the good news,” Old Mrs.

Han reminded them.

“Although theres no scientific basis for that, its still better for us to just play it safe and follow the tradition.”

“This is what I and Man Man think too,” Han Zhuoli immediately said.

“Anyway, we should do whichever is the safest thing to do.”

“Right, right, right.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded.

She then said to Lu Man, “If you have any cravings, just tell us.

If youre at school or if youre with the theater troupe and you suddenly crave to eat something, just give us a call quickly, dont suppress it.”

“Okay,” Lu Man answered obediently.

At this moment, Auntie Sun was busy in the kitchen and the smell of cooked dishes wafted out.

The delicious smell of the cooked dishes was mixed with the sour and spicy fragrance from the sour and spicy noodles.

When Lu Man smelled that, her appetite was roused immediately.

When it was time for dinner, Lu Man did not really touch the other dishes and just relished the bowl of sour and spicy noodles.

Old Mrs..

Han saw her eating so ravenously and was afraid that one bowl might not be enough for her, so she said, “Is this one bowl enough Do you want some more”

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