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Chapter 2584: Singles Really Dont Have Human Rights

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Qi Chenglins suggestion was accepted by everyone unanimously, so they went to a restaurant near the hospital to have dinner.

Wei Zhiqian thought pitifully about it.

Singles really dont have human rights.

When he asked just then, no one cared about him.

Now that Qi Chenglin said it, everyone immediately agreed.


Back to Han Zhuoli and the others going back to the family home.

On the way there, Han Zhuoli drove really slowly.

And when he was passing over a deceleration zone, he hated that he could not just drive over it at walking speed.

Every time he drove past a deceleration zone, Lu Man would think that the car was not moving at all.

The consequence of Han Zhuoli doing this was that the cars behind him and flanking him on both sides kept honking their cars at him non-stop.

When they overtook him, they even specially rolled down their car windows to see which weirdo was the one driving.

Lu Man naturally knew why Han Zhuoli suddenly drove in this manner, so she said, “You dont need to drive so slowly.”

“The vibrations from the deceleration zone are too strong.

What if something happens because of that” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man did not know whether to cry or laugh as she said, “Previously, when we did not know, didnt you drive normally Im still fine now.”

Han Zhuoli thought about it and found that it was true.

Lu Man seized the chance to quickly say, “Im not telling you to drive very fast, just go at your normal speed.

Anyway, at this time, the roads will be very jammed, so you wont be able to drive fast even if you wanted to.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli finally got persuaded.

But he still drove a little slower than he did usually.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas car had long disappeared in front of them.

Shi Xiaoya glanced at the rearview mirror and could not see Han Zhuolis car anymore.

She turned her body around to look, but she still could not see them.

“Why are Zhuoli and Lu Man so slow I cant even see them anymore and dont know where they are,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Their car had been in front of Han Zhuolis car all along just then.

Shi Xiaoya did not see Han Zhuoli taking over their car, so she was very sure that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were definitely lagging behind.

Han Zhuolings mouth twitched.

He had noticed Han Zhuolis driving speed just now.

“Given that turtle speed of his, you can slowly wait for him.

When we reach the family home, we still have to wait longer for him.

I think waiting for an hour more would be considered fast for him already,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya said in surprise, “Why is he suddenly driving so slowly”

The moment she asked, Shi Xiaoya thought of the answer.

“Dont tell me its because of Lu Mans pregnancy”

“Isnt it” Han Zhuoling said mockingly.

“Look at how alarmed he is.

What a novice.

Lu Man got pregnant and he already got so scared.”

Han Zhuoling sounded quite tough now.

Alas, when the day came when Shi Xiaoya got pregnant, he would have to swallow his words back down.

But Han Zhuoling was right.

When he and Shi Xiaoya reached the family home, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man indeed had not arrived yet.

When Old Mrs.

Han heard them entering, she rushed over excitedly to open the door.

Shen Nuo and Lin Liye also came.

Even Han Xijin and Old Mr.

Han were sitting on the sofa, stretching their necks to look at the door.

Old Mr.

Han had just complained that Old Mrs.

Han was already so old but still not mature enough.

So even if he felt really anxious right now, he still kept his composure and maintained his posture, not getting up.

He just stretched his neck out, exposing his inner feelings completely.

Since Old Mr.

Han did not move, Han Xijin naturally did not move either and could only feel utterly anxious while sitting down on the sofa.

In the end, Old Mrs.

Han saw that it was Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya who arrived.

Even after theyd changed out of their shoes, there was still no sight of Han Zhuoli and Lu Man coming in after them..

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